More Maniacs Cast

Aside from all the returning regulars to Tim Sullivan’s upcoming sequel to 2001 Manaics, currently titled 2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys, the folks over at Horror Yearbook have learned some new & cool casting bits from the Weekend of Horrors.

Neowolf: Music to Maul By

With the release of the romantic lycanthropy flick Blood & Chocolate just a few weeks away, what's a little more were-romance action? Hey, this time they even threw in some hard rockin' for good measu

Fango Comics Update!

Besides being Kurtzman's next film project, which we told you about right here, Bump will also be Fango Comic's first title. Editor Scott Licina boasts that Fango will release 8 titles in it's first

Mountains of Madness a Masterpiece?

I’ve read a few scripts in my days working for one website or another, but I can honestly say I was never as excited for any of them as El Mayimbe is about the script for Guillermo del Toro’s At the M

Platinum Says No New TCM, F13 Update

Now this is the kind of smart thinking I like to hear from the world of Hollywood; Brad Fuller, one of the producers at Platinum Dunes, told the folks at B-D last night that there are absolutely no plans for another Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Finally, someone admits they don’t want to create a trilogy.

Rejects in Haddonfield

I’m sure this isn’t going to shock anyone, but Rob Zombie officially announced in the Halloween blog that his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, had taken on a role in his Halloween re-imagining, that of Debora

Rage Prequel & Kurtzman's New Flick!

Damn, when the news rains it pours coming out of the open wounds over at Fangoria Comics. I just thank whatever Old Ones that are in control of such things that we don’t have the limitations we did at

Dinner for Fiends: 2006

Wow, what a freaking year, huh? A lot of shit came out to stink up our genre in 2006, and we only felt it right that you get more than just our annual best and worst of list. No, we needed to actually

New Ash Art for Your Ass

At the risk of sounding cheeeeeasy, 13 will prove to be the luckiest number for Dynamite Entertainment's Army of Darkness title this month! As we first reported here, Ash is set to take on a worl

Evil Has Wrapped!

We’ve been keeping up on the triumphant return of Coffin Joe to film since the project was first announced, so I'm happy that we can let you guys know that production on the movie, The Embodiment of Evil, has officially wrapped!

Brothers Talk AvP 2

Though I’m still suffering the emotional trauma that came along with seeing Alien Vs. Predator on the big screen, I have to admit that the sequel, directed by visual effect experts Greg & Colin Straus

Army of the Dead Attacks!

When I stumbled upon a listing for a new flick called Army of the Dead my immediate reaction was something along the lines of, "Geez, not another zombie flick." Then I watched the trailer and came to

Dunstan & Melton Got the Tingle

Scream for me DC readers! We must paralyze the beast! All done? Assuming you still have a job/neighbors/roomate, read on! Even though they’ve signed a two-picture deal with Dimension, Feast scribes

Strode Parents Cast

Like I said earlier today; I’ve come to realize anything Halloween-related is stuff you guys will just eat up. It only helps that this piece of casting has got me excited, as well. Rob Zombie just

Uncle Creepy Gets Eerie

The 2007 Eerie Horror Film Festival seems so far away, but that doesn’t mean that Greg Ropp and the rest of the EHFF crew have any time to waste in getting this scary ship of shrieks all set for sail