Cohen to Ressurrect the Mummy?

Does the world need another Mummy movie? Especially one directed by the mad genius behind The Fast and the Furious? Universal seems to think so! If the report that showed up over on TMZ are true, that is.

Cool Re-Animator Package

I really wish we had more to tell you about what would be on it, but Anchor Bay haven’t leaked any additional special features for their upcoming release of Re-Animator other than that it’ll have a fe

Basement Now American Crime

With the recent news that Moderncine has completed production on their adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door, some have been wondering what the status is on the other film based on the same true story, the Tommy (Ella Enchanted) O’Haver-helmed The Ba

Solid New Dracula

Continuing on a wave of new-found popularity for the old school Marvel Monsters which ushered in the release of Toybiz's Monsters 4 pack of action figures in 06 comes a new release from Diamond Select

Boogeyman 2 Gets Rolling

Finally, all that breathless anticipation has paid off; Ghost House Pictures just posted the first behind-the-scenes clip from Boogeyman 2 on their official site! It truly is a day to rejoice. Sor

Platinum Duo Dish F13 Plans

With the recent resurfacing of talks about a Friday the 13th remake/sequel coming from the mouths of Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, fans have once again started to vocalize about just what the movie sho

Tatopolous' Outlander Creation!

You think we’re geeky? We’ve got nothing on the super nerds over at G4; they’re tracking down this hyper-geek stuff like wolves with a taste for human blood. But you see, that’s a good thing, especial

DVD Release List: Get Your Indie Fix

Low budget, long productions, bad acting? You'll have it in spades come January 9th, 2007... Beastly Butchers Directed by Various I’ve never heard of Pendulum Pictures before, but they sure see

Exclusive: God of Vampires Video Interview!

God of Vampires is a bit of a legend in and around New England, so I was very happy to be able to be one of the first to review it, as well as get a chance to talk to It’s creator, Rob Fitz, about the

Athens Gets Bloody Evil

Over the weekend we got a heads up from a reader named Bill about what is apparently the first zombie movie to originate from Greece. Yeah, not really the first place I think of when it comes to quali

A Snippet From Primeval

Curious to see a bit from this weekend’s last-minute release of Primeval? Yeah, me too; I have to admit for changing the date so suddenly to get it in theaters before Greg McLean’s Rogue, they’re not

More Awards for Labyrinth

Even though it’s only up for Best Foreign Language film for this year’s Oscars, the fact that it’s in the running at all is enough to make me feel that there might be some justice in the universe at a

More Maniacs Cast

Aside from all the returning regulars to Tim Sullivan’s upcoming sequel to 2001 Manaics, currently titled 2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys, the folks over at Horror Yearbook have learned some new & cool casting bits from the Weekend of Horrors.

Neowolf: Music to Maul By

With the release of the romantic lycanthropy flick Blood & Chocolate just a few weeks away, what's a little more were-romance action? Hey, this time they even threw in some hard rockin' for good measu

Fango Comics Update!

Besides being Kurtzman's next film project, which we told you about right here, Bump will also be Fango Comic's first title. Editor Scott Licina boasts that Fango will release 8 titles in it's first