I Am Legend Opening

What’s with this sudden trend of putting up the opening minutes of a film online? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned clips?

My Name is Bruce Trailer!

We last gave you word on My Name is Bruce a scant two weeks ago ("Bruce Talks Home Invasion" – November 2007) and now the claims of them “madly racing” to finish the film have been justified. Reader "chainsaw" dropped us a heads-up today that the trailer for My Name is Bruce found its way onto YouTube and you can check it out below! Hopefully some solid release news will follow shortly, stick around!

Aliens Vs. Predator Set, Site

Exclusive: Sweatshop Cast Announced, First Pics!

We last threw an update on Stacy Davidson’s sophomore effort, Sweatshop, just over a month ago (“Exclusive: Behind the Sweatshop!” – November 2007), after which director Stacy Davidson promised he would deliver some very cool stuff in our laps soon.

Dante 01 Opening Sequence!

Been looking forward to Marc Caro’s Dante 01, his first solo directing project away from Jean-Piere Jeunet (City of Lost Children), and so have the boys at Twitch Film. So much so that they managed to score a look at the entire opening sequence for Dante 01 and post it on their site!

Sweeney Todd Opening Credits

Personally, I’m almost looking forward to Sweeney Todd at this point, though director Tim Burton does have a habit of being a tad derivative of himself; just the look of the film shows this one’s no different. But I admit, the story fascinates me and we haven’t had a good musical in years.

Exclusive: Undead or Alive F/X Photos

With the new "zombedy", Undead or Alive (review here) hitting DVD this week, F/X guru Robert Kurtzman dropped us a line with an exclusive look as some gooey undead effects!

First Look at Hell Ride

Just a bunch of badasses on bikes; that’s how I would describe the first batch of pics that just surfaced from Larry Bishop’s Hell Ride, which you may recall is being produced by Quentin Tarantino. Hell Ride is one of the high-profile titles premiering at Sundance this year, and the first four production stills can be found over at STYD, so get your motor clicking!

Video Dread Exclusive: Mum's the Word

The other day we got an e-mail from someone with a simple request: “Will you check out my short film that I just completed?” Not that such a thing is terribly time-consuming or anything, but it did take me a few days to get to it. Sad, really, when it’s only 2:30 minute out of my life, but what can you do? I tend to be busy...

Another AVP Showdown?

If Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is as good as the Brothers Strause are making it sound like it will be we, as fans of monster movies, shall be forever in their debt. And welcome them with open arms to come back for a third movie.

Del Toro Readies Haters

As if Guillermo del Toro needed more on his plate, JoBlo got word yesterday that the Mexican genius has setup a new movie at Universal called Haters for him to direct.

Can't Get Enough Dexter?

Who could blame you? Showtime's original series about a serial killer who kills serial killers is the best damned thing on TV right now. With Season Two coming to a close, Showtime is ready to send out the series for fans in grand fashion!

Ho Ho Ho ... Bitch!

What's a badass black man with revenge on his mind to do this holiday season? Ken Foree knows, and he's packing heat!

Ryan Schifrin Talks Spooks

In a recent interview over at Comic Monsters Ryan Schifrin, the writer and director of Abominable (review), talked plenty about how he came up with the idea for his new comic book, Spooks!

First 5 of AVP:R!

Yahoo! Movies UK has just posted the "first five minutes" of Aliens vs Predator: Requiem are now online for our viewing pleasure. The scenes have a rushed feel as well as a temp score, but do deliver some choice scenes of carnage. Here's hoping we'll see a more polished version in the theaters. As of now, the verdict is still out on this one.