DVD Releases: Vampires, Zombies, Oh My!

Check it out; this Tuesday, December 11th you shall be able to feast your eyes on the following horror DVDs...

Burton to Resurrect Frankenweenie

Snakes in Taradise

Got an e-mail the other night forwarded to me from another staff member alerting us to the existence of a new killer snake movie called Vipers starring professional party whore and part-time actress Tara Reid. The overly excited e-mail described the film as following, "People are calling it Snakes on a Plane meets Deep Blue Sea - without Sam Jackson".

Orphan Chosen

The Hollywood Reporter have learned that Isabelle Fuhrman will make her acting debut as the titular character in The Orphan, the new film from Dark Castle being helmed by House of Wax remake director Jaume Collet-Serra.

Yen Preps for Painted Skin

Whoa. Not sure how we missed this one folks, let me be the first to apologize. Donnie Yen (pictured) and Zhou Xun are set to star in Painted Skin, a supernatural thriller being lensed in China that's been in the works since at least July.

Chakilla Bananas for Charity!

Tis the season for giving, and what better way to get people to donate than to offer them something cool in return?

Forsythe Rigs The Platform

Fresh from threatening to crawl over and skull fuck us in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, William Forsythe has moved from Haddonfield victim to an offshore oil rig in The Platform, a new creature feature currently in post-production for Workshop Pictures that sounds a little like an updating of the 1981 TV movie The Intruder Within.

The Women of Jake West's Doghouse

Haven’t heard much from Jake (Evil Aliens) West in a while. Last we heard he was prepping his latest film, Doghouse, and that things were moving along nicely. Today Twitch got word that the Doghouse site has received a major overhaul and I’ll be damned if they weren’t right!

Video Dread Exclusive: Prisoner Exchange!

Oh, how we Dreadites love the indies! As if our latest Dinner for Fiends on that very topic weren't proof enough, along comes the World Wide Web debut of SenoReality's "Prisoner Exchange at Bannon's Lookout" right here in our Video Dread section.

Dread on the Radio!

Just last month we promoted an internet broadcast that we thought was kicking some serious ass (“Boogeyman Boosts Quality” – November 2007). Well, I was totally kept out of the loop on this one, but it looks like we here at Dread Central will be having a presence on Boogeyman Radio. Check out the press release...

*UPDATE* Vampyre Tales to America

UPDATE: I just talked to actor Jim O'Rear and he informed me that there is a trailer for the film over at the actor's MySpace page. I've also taken the liberty to embed the video here as well. Check it out at the bottom of the story.

I Am Full of Prizes

While we do have our own contest going on for the movie (“Massive I Am Legend Contest!” – November 2007), it never hurts to let readers know that they can win other I Am Legend swag elsewhere too!

DVDs Get the Storm Warning

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jamie Blanks has spent too much time away from the horror genre (“Storm Warnings Tease” – September 2007). Teen/college slasher films aren't usually my type, but back in 1998 Urban Legend was a fun ride as long as you saw it in a packed theatre.

A Very Happening Poster

Now here’s a fresh idea for a poster! That’s sarcasm, by the way. Below you can see a slice of the new poster for M. Night (“What a TWIST!”) Shyamalan’s The Happening, quite possibly the lamest title in the man’s cannon to date, courtesy of Coming Soon. Hit it to see the whole thing!

Machine Girl Madness

Yakuza. Drill Bra. Ninjas. Tempura. Just some of the things you’ll see in the most insane trailer I might have ever had the pleasure of witnessing; that for Noboru Iguchi’s The Machine Girl, the story of an ordinary school girl whose family is killed and arm severed. She replaces the limb with a machine gun an goes out for some badass, blood-soaked revenge. Seeing is believing! Thanks to Twitch Film for the high-quality glory!