Del Toro Readies Haters

As if Guillermo del Toro needed more on his plate, JoBlo got word yesterday that the Mexican genius has setup a new movie at Universal called Haters for him to direct.

Can't Get Enough Dexter?

Who could blame you? Showtime's original series about a serial killer who kills serial killers is the best damned thing on TV right now. With Season Two coming to a close, Showtime is ready to send out the series for fans in grand fashion!

Ho Ho Ho ... Bitch!

What's a badass black man with revenge on his mind to do this holiday season? Ken Foree knows, and he's packing heat!

Ryan Schifrin Talks Spooks

In a recent interview over at Comic Monsters Ryan Schifrin, the writer and director of Abominable (review), talked plenty about how he came up with the idea for his new comic book, Spooks!

First 5 of AVP:R!

Yahoo! Movies UK has just posted the "first five minutes" of Aliens vs Predator: Requiem are now online for our viewing pleasure. The scenes have a rushed feel as well as a temp score, but do deliver some choice scenes of carnage. Here's hoping we'll see a more polished version in the theaters. As of now, the verdict is still out on this one.

It's Halloween in Evilshop!

Crikies! Only two weeks from today and it’s Christmas all over again. My God that jumped on us quick! So what do you get for all those horror freaks on your list this year? A trip to Evilshop will likely massacre your Christmas list ... in a good way, of course!

Pike Scores It's Alive Redux

So the It’s Alive remake, which was supposed to be directed by original helmer Larry Cohen, has apparently finished its shoot and is in the final stages of production.

Ben10's Tentacled Monstrosity

Time for a quickie with the Last Toys on the Left! "Ben10" is an animated show on Cartoon network that’s still finding it’s audience. It’s the tale of little Ben who finds a watch looking device that transforms him into a variety of alien monstrosities, allowing him to perform super human feats, if only for 10 minutes. Get it? Ben 10? Clever kiddies over there.

Cage Set for Knowing

How does the director of one of the best, most underrated sci fi movies in the last decade end up working with Nic Cage? Alex Proyas must have pissed off some Aztec deity or something, because Cage is now set to star in his next film, Knowing, according to Daily Variety.

Trick 'R Treat in October? Maybe.

Hey! Remember that flick by Michael Dougherty that we were so excited about this year ("Exclusive: Trick 'r Treat Set Visit!" - April 2007)? Remember when it was supposed to come out this past Halloween, but went missing?

Poughkeepsie & Pathology Swap

Our buddy Joey M. pointed us in the direction of Box Office Mojo where a few updates and changes have occurred.

Eerie Horror Film Festival Call for Entries!

We're all guilty of it: saying we could do better than other filmmakers out there. Talk is cheap, however. Do you really want to show the world that you have what it takes to be a great filmmaker? Then you've got an opportunity thanks to the Eerie Horor Film Festival!

Fires Burn Fangoria

Even though it is that special time of the year for happiness, brotherhood and giving ... horrible things still happen out of the blue.

Five Strokes to Horror!

Just got a heads up from horror/fantasy author and friend of the site Christopher Golden about a new collection he’s featured in, and it really seems like something you literate horror fans should check out. The illiterate ones never even got to read this, so feel pity for 'em.

Two New Whiteout Pics

Is Whiteout going to be a horror movie? Well, there is a serial killer and desolate environment, both of which sound pretty horrifying to me, so...