Rogue Wants You Dead

Yes, Rogue pictures wants to kill you and film every second of it. To help promote their latest film, The Hitcher, Rogue Pictures is sponsoring the "Win a Chance to Get Killed on Film” sweepstakes Gra

Halloween's First Draft Reviewed

It looks like Rob Zombie has done what no one else could: Kill the boogeyman. Or at least, the boogeyman as we've known him. Quint over at Ain't It Cool News has posted an in-depth script review o

*UPDATED* Monster Squad Prepping for DVD!

Source: DEADPIT.com Synapse Films' Don May Jr. was on hand recently for an interview with DEADPIT.com. During the interview he remarked about the rumored DVD release plans for Monster Squad. "Th

Hunt Down Leatherface Yourself!

Just in time for the DVD release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, New Line Cinema is pulling out all the stops contest-wise by offering you a chance to win an actual patrol car (yes, an

Hellgate Adds Toll Booths?

Along with the news that Hellgate: London is expected to show up for your Windows PC this summer, comes some less exciting news. Shacknews reported on Tuesday that Hellgate: London is going to charge

One Million Dead Rise

Game sales news aren’t something I’d normally pass along, but in this case I’ll make a very special exemption. GamesIndustry.biz passed on word that Dead Rising (review here), Capcom’s love letter t

Left 4 Dead Leaves a Trailer

News first broke of Valve Software and Turtle Rock Studio’s online 4 player co-op zombie survival fest a month or so ago, and all we had was a logo and four silhouettes to go off of. Well, now we can

An Axe on a Rack

I was a bit confused when I first heard about the name of director Franck Khalfoun’s upcoming project P2. A chiller film named after a parking garage level? How could that ever be fun? Of course, I

Zombies, Ash & Autographs

I was pretty sure that Marvel Zombies couldn't get any better. A virus has spread on Earth that has affected nearly every human and hero. Those who have not suffered the disease are now hunted down fo

Lincoln Dishes More Hack/Slash!

Though there’s no real new info to be had, anytime we can read about Todd Lincoln discussing his plans for the upcoming Hack/Slash feature film, which Rogue Pictures is fronting the money for, we want

New Whisper Poster, No Date

Remember the film Whisper? Originally called Hellion, it was announced many months ago by Gold Circle Films, the same production house who made Slither and White Noise, with "Lost" star Josh Holloway

Thr3e 2 DVD

You don't usually hear a DVD release announcement less than a week after a movie has opened in theaters, but I guess when your movie only opens up on 458 movie screens and still manages to gross less

Tartan USA Release Dates!

It’s been quiet from the halls of Tartan USA for a while now, save for the recent release of the supremely bizarre French flick Sheitan, so they’ve figured it’s time for an update so we know when to e

Green on Hatchet 2, Dead West

This April horror fans will finally get to see what a lucky few have been talking about for almost a year now; Adam Green's bayou slasher opus Hatchet. Anchor Bay will be putting Green’s debut horror movie in theaters across the U.S. and now it’s looking like we’ll be seeing even more of the film’s menacing madman, Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), sooner than originally thought.

Ask Eric Red!

Earlier today we pointed you towards IGN for to check out a clip from the upcoming remake of the 1986 road movie thriller The Hitcher, which opens in theaters on January 19th. But we know what you really want; you want to hear from the screenwriter of the original Hitcher, Eric Red!