Exclusive: Michael Bailey Smith Talks Blood Shot!

Michael Bailey Smith is a horror actor on the rise. Sure, he’s been working for years in various roles both with and without makeup, but more and more lately he’s making himself a known face to horror fans, which is something we’re all about.

First Lost Boys 2 Image

All right, so I’m not a big fan of vampire movies, nor am I a big fan of sequels that come along over 20 years after their originals, but I have to admit a morbid curiosity for The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

Cedric Finds Twilight

I know you’ve all spent your holidays in a state of worry about what the status was on Catherine Hardwicke’s teen vampire film Twilight, but now you’re mind can finally be at ease. Casting is underway and production is set to start soon.

Uncensored Bad Moon!

Yet another badass Christmas gift has shown up! One of my favorite underrated werewolf movies of all time is Eric Red’s Bad Moon, and those sick bastards at Arrow in the Head managed to tap into that love just in time for Xmas! Red has delivered the full, uncut, NC-17 rated opening scene from Bad Moon as a present to everyone who likes nudity and gore ... which is everyone! Check it out below!

First Coraline Footage!

Now this is a holiday treat! AICN got word from Neil Gaiman that the first footage from the Henry (Nightmare Before Christmas) Selick – directed adaptation of Coraline is finally online! We grabbed it and threw it into Video Dread for ease of viewing, but you can feel free to get the original, large Quicktime file through the AICN link.

Last of the Living Done?

When we left the cast and crew of Last of the Living, a New Zealand indie zombie film that promises to be low on budget but high on action, they were still looking for any and all financial backing they could get (“Give to the Last of the Living” – August 2007). Looks like things are on the upswing for the filmmakers now!

Del Toro Talks Upcoming Work

I love reading interviews with Guillermo del Toro, I really do. The man just knows his shit and has so many projects he’s juggling at once, it’s great to just read him talking about them, even if we’re all aware that most may never see the light of day. Hopefully At the Mountains of Madness is not one of those...

Colonel Kill Motherfuckers!

Although some of us are on Christmas vacation, there are some things that come down the tubes that demand immediate attention. One such thing is Hack Movies' new indy flick titled Colonel Kill Motherfuckers. Yes, that is the actual title of the movie. And yes, it does live up to its name.

Subtitled Trailer for L: Change the World!

Since the project was announced we’ve been referring to L as a prequel to the Death Note films; this was inaccurate and for that we apologize. The person who supplied us with that information will be thoroughly punished, don’t worry.

First Shutter & Quarantine Stills

Seriously now, why is it that whenever studios release pics from their horror titles that they’re always the most boring, tell-you-nothing images they can find? I mean, if you have a movie with some ghosts and gore, at least show them off!

Hellboy II Images Galore!

Yeah, maybe we’re a bit behind on this stuff, but damnit we’re busy guys all right? Anyway it’s Saturday and you’ve got nothing to do but finish your Christmas shopping and prepare to face your family, so take your mind off of it with a nice big stack of imagery from Hellboy II: The Golden Army, in theaters July 11th.

A Rip Off 100,000,000 Years in the Making

I assume by now most of you are aware of Roland Emmerich's upcoming prehistoric adventure flick 10,000 BC, right? Now that flick may have cavemen and sabertooth tigers and wooly mammoths, but what it won't have is dinosaurs. The Asylum understands this glaring omission and so they commissioned their own mockbuster entitled 100,000,000 BC.

The Rage Comes Home!

Robert Kurtzman has decided to spread some Christmas joy a bit early today with very cool news regarding his gore-filled splatter epic The Rage (review); the film has finally settled on a distributor and will be out on DVD come February 26th, 2008 from Screen Media/Universal Home Entertainment!

Zombies to Play With

A zombie plague rips through an unsuspecting earth, but this little green planet isn’t the normal one we live, eat and watch Romero on. This is the Marvel Universe, where the first victims of the outbreak are super powered, leaving humans with no chance in hell of survival.

Final Trailer for The Signal!

Finally, Magnolia has got a full trailer put together for The Signal (review), one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s going to be out in theaters on a limited run February 22nd, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for local showtimes because you do not want to miss this. Check out the trailer below and be sure to visit the official Signal site for more!