Sutherland Stares Into Mirrors

Of all the bizarre comebacks for 80’s stars in the recent years, Kiefer Sutherland's is the one that still freaks me out sometimes. And not just because his first name is Kiefer; seriously, what the h

Extreme Saw for the UK

Just when you thought Lionsgate might be done with new editions of the Saw films, they unleash yet another into our unsuspecting laps. Word got out today that the UK division of Lionsgate will be

DVD Release List: Hellboy's Grudge

Here are your DVD choices come February 6th, 2007... The Amazing Screw-On Head (2006) Directed by Chris Pryoski Mike Mignola’s bizarre tale of a spy for President Lincoln finally makes its way

Exclusive: Driftwood Video Interviews!

A few weeks back our man Nomad got a chance to see Tim Sullivan’s 2001 Maniacs follow-up, Driftwood, at a special screening in NYC put on by the folks at Image Entertainment. From said screening came

Schumacher Wished for Girls

I guess if I were Joel Schumacher I wouldn’t be too happy about Warner Bros. just making a sequel to one of my best movies, The Lost Boys (which we last told you about here), without listening to a wo

Green's Hatchet Follow-Up Goes Golden

Some very good news for Hatchet helmer Adam Green came out of this past weekend’s Santa Barbara Film Festival, which as you may recall was the site of the premiere of his sophomore feature, Spiral, co

Fangoria Films Enters the Fray

After 28 years of living on the outer rim of the horror world, occasionally stepping forward to make their name known but usually just staying the shadows to avoid detection, a small company called Fa

Host Site Open

The official site for Magnolia Pictures' release of The Host has finally opened its doors beyond the splash page that was there before. It’s filled with a lot of cool features that will hopefully get

Pan's in the U.S.

Weird. A mere day after we did a story about the upcoming UK release of Pan’s Labyrinth on DVD (read it here), New Line sends out the news that they have plans in place for a US DVD come May 15th.

Dear Diary: I Ate Someone Today...

Dear Diary, I ate someone else today. I know I vowed not to eat anymore people; he just looked so delicious. I couldn't help myself. I'm getting fat, aren't I? I'm vowing right now not to eat anyone else - at least not until I've lost five pounds. Met a new guy today... He looked so yummy. Oops, I'm doing it again. Diary of a Cannibal...

Labyrinth Gets UK DVD

Now that Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth (review) is pretty much playing everywhere, there’s really no reason for you to keep missing out on this brilliant slice of filmmaking. It’s been nominate

Hellboy Finds His Voice

Our ringmaster around these parts, Mr. Johnny Butane, directed all of your attention earlier this week towards one of the first hands-on previews of the Hellboy videogame coming from Konami.

Finally Time for Goners?

If you look around the ‘net at other movie sites (What? Why?), you may have seen the recent news that Joss Whedon has officially left Wonder Woman, the adaptation of the long-running DC Comic that he’

Hatchet in September

A few months back it was announced that Anchor Bay Entertainment not only scooped up the rights to release Adam Green’s swamp-set slasher, Hatchet (review), but that they would be getting it into thea

Hills 2 Hades!

Now that’s what I’m talking about: mutant action! All right, maybe you can’t see a lot of the action, but you can tell something’s going down. What you see below is the first pic of Michael Bailey Smi