Beau Celebrates April Fool's?

There's just no point in bitching about remakes anymore. What else is there to say? All to often the newer film never lives up to the original or even brings a single fresh idea to the table, but they

The Saws Become Visible

I've got to hand it to Lionsgate. They've really marketed this whole Saw franchise pretty well. In fact, they've turned one film into a reason to dump many other horror films out onto the DVD market.

Dead, Captive and Beyond!

Lots of DVD news to catch you up on, so we’ll start with the shit you probably don’t care about first... Davis DVD got word that Lionsgate will be releasing Captivity (review), you remember “the fi

New Hatchet Contest!

Attention: Horror Fans Want a chance to win a trip for two to Los Angeles to meet up with some Hollywood hotshots? If so, read below: The time is upon us where we have an opportunity to rise up.

Murder Party Disc Details

Mangolia Pictures are releasing the recent festival hit Murder Party (review) onto DVD this October 16th and today Fangoria got their hands on the DVD art and possible features. Right now the disc

What is the Eden Log?

You wake up in a cave. You have no idea why you’re there, who or what put you there, nor how the corpse beside you came to stop living. All you do know is that you’ve got to get out of there before wh

The Rules of Apocalypse

The other day we told you about the MySpace page for the fictitious show at the heart of Joe Lynch’s Wrong Turn 2: Dead End; a reality show called "Apocalypse", which is the catalyst for a new group o

Full Trailer for CW's Reaper

On my 18th birthday, I... I did... well, I honestly don’t remember if anything significant happened. I remember buying beer for all my friends when I turned 21, though... Anyway, some kids get all

New Director for Neverwhere?

So Stardust opened this past weekend and, despite having every reason to look like it would do well in this post-Harry Potter/Chronicles of Narnia world, it was only able to pull in about $9 million. That’s not a lot, but hopefully word will spread and more will get out to see it, cause I would hate for it to have a negative impact on other Neil Gaiman-penned projects.

Giallos Flame Meets Devil Doll

Just got a heads up from our man Shawn over at Rotten Cotton about a very cool deal they just laid down for the soundtrack for his debut feature, Black Devil Doll. Funk rockers The Giallos Flame ha

Distro Deal for 100 Tears

Well, that was pretty quick! Just a few short weeks after screeners had started circulating across film sites, Marcus Koch’s 100 Tears (review) has scored a DVD release with SJW and Grindstone Enterta

Surfing Dead Channels in SF

Dead Channels film fest kicked off it's first year last Thursday night, August 9'th at the legendary Castro Theater in San Francisco with screenings of the ultra-rare film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut'

BioShock Demo Now!

We’ve been talking it up for well over a year, but now it’s your chance to finally see if the game lives up to the hype as the XBox 360 demo of BioShock is finally here. Make sure you have 1.35 GBs of free space, and hit the Marketplace to take your first steps in the underwater city of Rapture.

Dead Matter Rolls

A dream came true this past weekend when Edward Douglas’ remake of his own super low-budget The Dead Matter, now with an actual budget and cast, got rolling in Cleveland, OH. Other than it being somet

El Superbeasto Update!

So it’s not a huge update, but at least it’s something after months of silence... Rob Zombie, master of dozens of MySpace pages it seems, just threw up a blog on the Haunted World of El Superbeasto