Turistas: Come Home

Now I’m sure a lot of you aren’t going to be terribly interested in this DVD, but who knows what an "unrated" cut might do for it, right? Sure. I guess, realistically, the only way an unrated cut of T

Vampire Apocalypse Coming

Just got a heads up from rookie author Derek Gunn that his debut novel, Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder, has just sold off its film rights to veteran producer Richard Finney. Most authors hav

Another Abandoned Trailer Found!

The other day we let you know about the new trailer for Nacho Cerda's first full-length effort, The Abandoned, along with its updated release date of February 23rd, 2007. Personally I thought the trai

New Storm Warning Art

Since Dimension nabbed the release rights to Jamie (Urban Legends) Blanks' latest Aussie-set horror film Storm Warning, all has been quiet about their plans for it.

Henenlotter Returns with Bad Biology!

A few days ago there was some news over on Horror Movies.ca about a new film from Frank (Basket Case, Frankenhooker) Henenlotter called Bad Biology. Unfortunately said "news" consisted of only the title being announced so it wasn’t really worth sharing with you guys.

Full Moon Fans Rejoice!

Charles Band posted a blurb on his blog a couple days ago announcing the impending February 7th release date of the Full Moon Classics Volume One box set. The set will include five Full Moon productio

Final Halloween Casting?

Here we are in January, and I just cannot help but think about October. The main thing on my agenda? Rob Zombie's re-imagining of the John Carpenter classic Halloween. Those hungry for news about

See Some Seed

Those freaky Canadians over at Arrow in the Head bullied the folks behind Uwe Boll’s Seed and managed to squeeze a whole lot of pics from the horror film for your viewing pleasure, one of which you ca

Marvel Zombies Creeping Your Way...

Diamond Select's need to tease the public before February 11th's NYC Toyfair seems to have taken hold! In the newest E-Spectrum mailer, we get a sneak preview of what is sure to be some kickass M

1408 Trailer Appears!

Well, this was kind of out of nowhere. We’ve been hoping for more info on 1408, the Mikael (Evil) Hafstrom-helmed adaptation of the fantastic short story by Stephen King, but to date all has been pret

New Fido Poster!

The folks over at the IMP Awards just got their hands on a brand-new (final?) poster for Lionsgate’s Fido, which hits theaters June 15th. Pretty snazzy, I have to say, and all you gotta do to see the

Wizard of Gore Site Live!

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for more information to come out regarding Jeremy (Attic Expeditions) Kasten’s Wizard of Gore remake (read our set visit here), but things have been quiet for a wh

Retribution for the U.S.

The DC scooper known far and wide as Kong just threw some very cool info at us for those of you dying to see what Pulse and Cure director Kyoshi Kurosawa is up to these days. His latest film Retri

Fido Clips Galore

Lionsgate was kind enough to give those strange Canadian folks over at HorrorMovies.ca the first look at some new clips from Fido, the zombie comedy starring Billy Connelly, Carrie Anne Moss, and Dyla

New Abandoned Poster, Trailer!

Looks like a new date has been set for the theatrical release of Nacho Cerda’s debut feature film, The Abandoned (review), which you may recall played very well to the crowds at this year’s After Dark