Dinner for Fiends: Viva la Indie!

Indie films are really what our genre is all about. That’s where the Next Big Thing almost always comes from; just a guy (or a gal) with a vision and enough money to get it on screen. It’s a staple of what makes us horror fans, and something we talk about way more often than any other sub-genre.

Dawson's Beast

Remember James Van Der Beek? Remember "Dawson's Creek"? Remember Varsity Blues and The Rules of Attraction? Van Der Beek sure did seem poised for superstardom. How quickly things change. Welcome to the Sci-Fi Channel, bucko!

Strike Stops Castlevania

Call it a good or bad thing, but according to Daily Variety this morning the big screen adaptation of Castlevania is now officially on hold.

Swank to Travel to Fangland?

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a comedy or not, but this morning Daily Variety reported that Hilary Swank is in final negotiations to star in Fangland, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by John Marks.

Pictures of Violence

Know what makes us happy here at Dread Central? Violence! Eviscerations, slashed throats, skinned bodies, broken bones, things like this just make us smile. Especially when said violence is mucho over-the-top! Such is the case with Darren Ward's upcoming film, A Day of Violence.

Producer Confirms Diary Sequel

Talk about fast! Though Romero's revitalization of his beloved zombie mythos hasn't even been released yet, long time Romero producer Peter Grunwald (Bruiser, Land of the Dead) is already talking sequel!

I Am Legend Creature Revealed

With I Am Legend looming closer and closer on the horror horizon there's been a bit of speculation as to what the film's creatures will look like. Speculate no more.

Help Myers Kill!

Tis the season to stab random people in the face and be rewarded for it. Of course this only happens in the virtual world, sadly. Anyway, if you visit Halloween's official site there's Flash game called "Michael Myers Rampage" up for you to play. The title is pretty self explanatory; you play as Michael Myers and have the freedom to murder the poor bastards that live in Haddonfield.

Synopsis: Terminated

The only thing that really made me want to see the last Terminator movie wasn't the action or robotic mayhem. When that first trailer for T3 came on the screen and I heard Dead Can Dance playing while the camera swept over the post-apocalyptic land, I just said, "fuck yeah!" Then I saw the film, DCD was nowhere to be found and the rest of the film was just as disappointing. Perhaps next time we'll actually get to see the real resistance war.

Funny Games for Adults Only

If you head over to Warner Independent Films site and happen to be 18 or older, you'll get to see a 'restricted' version of the Funny Games trailer. Keep in mind that this new video will spoil a few things, maybe who lives and who dies. Tread carefully.

One Missed Call & Four Pics

Warner Bros. just sent us four images for their January horror flick One Missed Call. Just yesterday the film's site went live(“One Missed Website” – December 2007), so this may mean the hype machine will be ramping up over following weeks.

Raziel Rises Again

It's hard to believe that eight years have passed since the first Soul Reaver game was released for PSOne. As a horror fan it blew me away by this follow up to the Legacy of Kain. We got to swallow souls as the outcast Raziel, explore a vast land with no load times, and slice up hellish beasts with the symbiotic sword known as the Soul Reaver. That and constantly impaling guys was fun too.

New Art for Hickox's Knife Edge!

Though I admit I still have no idea what’s going on with the new film from Anthony Hickox, Knife Edge, that hasn’t stopped me from tracking down as much info as I can about it!

Book of Blood Blogged!

I’m so glad that Phil & Sarah over at Revelations, the official Clive Barker Resource, are finally getting the kind of perks they deserve. Well, other than their regular chats with Mr. Barker himself, of course...

Hamlet Characters Undead!

Got a heads up this morning from The Alphabet Killer/The Attic producer Russ Terlecki (interview) about a new project he’s behind called Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead, a horror/comedy with Jeremy Sisto and Cabin Fever star Joey Kern set to star.