Stillborn for Jennifer Connelly

I miss claymation, but what I miss more is stop-motion being used in horror films. Why can't we have little clay figures coming to life and murdering people again? Well, we could have had something similar to that with Born. It's the story of a married couple who move to England. The husband is a claymation artist who uses the local area's red clay to make his models. All would be jolly if those damn tiny sculptures wouldn't keep coming to life...

Dylan Dog is Superman?!

The fellows over at Comic Book Resources got wind of the news regarding who would be playing the lead role in a big screen version of the Italian comic book Dylan Dog. News of the casting was leaked to the Lying in the Gutters column of the site.

Full Moon Over Arkansas

As if there wasn't already enough going on in October! One of our eagle-eyed readers sent over the news that Green Grass Entertainment is putting on Arkansas' first Full Moon Horror Convention and Film Festival to be held at the Statehouse Convention Center and Market Street Cinema from October 26th through 28th, 2007, in Little Rock.

Huge Fear Fest Additions!

So it was longer than we expected, but finally the site is to the point where I can throw another Fear Fest 2 update at you guys, and you’re going to love the new guests we’ve added!

Alphabet Killer Caught?

How often have you heard about a film based on a real series of killing actually helping to solve the crime? This is a first time for me...

Pathology Date Moved

I really don’t get it when a movie’s release date is moved as drastically as this, especially when it’s something fans have been getting more and more excited for. Various sources, including Box Office Mojo whom I trust more than most, are reporting that MGM has pushed the release of Pathology from November 30th to the dreaded dumping month of February, specifically February 8th, 2008.

Ghost Hunters Go International

As we first told you about in our report from the Paranormal X dinner in Rhode Island, the Ghost Hunters are going international.

Combs Gives Poor Prognosis on New Re-Animator

On again, off again, on again, off again; maybe it’s time we just let the long-gestating sequel House of Re-Animator finally die.

Benicio Chats Wolf Man

Though it’s not a lot of info, whenever someone is discussing the upcoming Wolf Man adaptation, my ears perk up and I have to make sure you guys hear about it, too.

Gang's Ready for Last Christmas

Imagine if Santa Claus had an identity crisis the likes of which strikes Peter Parker every other day about being Spider-Man. Imagine if he turned his back on the most joyous of holidays; what would happen to our world? Such is the premise of The Last Christmas, a graphic novel written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan that has been optioned by Hollywood Gang, the team behind 300, for a filmic adaptation.

New Wave of Asian Horror

Asian horror is becoming hot again, and thankfully they seem to be leaving all the long-haired female ghosts that have made it such a tired place to wallow in behind. For now.

Eerie Fest Announces Nominees!

Our good friends at the Eerie Horror Film Festival, which starts this Wednesday, October 10th, and runs through Sunday, the 14th, have just sent over a list of their nominees to win an award at this year's event. Drum roll please ...

First Look at P Art

Over the weekend we gave you a heads up on three new titles coming under Tartan’s Asia Extreme banner (“New Tartan Horrors” – October 2007). Today we follow it up with your first look at the art for P, the tale of a girl forced to dance all sexy-like in order to make ends meet and the evil effects it has on her. P is due for release on December 25th; keep your eyes here for more art as it comes our way!

Almost Human on REC

I have to admit, though I’m not thrilled that they’re already remaking [REC] here in the States (the original Spanish one has yet to even premiere, though it is playing Sitges), I feel a bit better knowing The Poughkeepsie Tapes director John Dowdle is behind it. Of course, I’ve not seen The Poughkeepsie Tapes yet, but those who have, have had nothing but good to say about it.

Nightmare Man Poster!

Now that is classy. The gents over at STYD got their hands on the first official poster for this year’s After Dark Horrorfest (November 9th-18th around the country), that of Nightmare Man (review). What you see on the right is merely a teaser; check out the whole thing right here.