See The Wicked

If you remember back a few years (don’t worry, we’ll still be here when you’re done), you might recall an indie flick that was getting all sorts of buzz called Hardcore Poisoned Eyes. You might also r

Monster Slayer Trailer!

I’ve been seeing bits and pieces about this flick around for a few months now, but never really looked into it until now. And damn I’m glad I did!

Diary of a Mad Goth Woman

You don't suppose the makers of the upcoming Lifetime Movie Network original film The Devil's Diary were in any way, shape, or form influenced by the hugely popular Japanese Death Note movies that cam

Sweeney Todd Everywhere for Xmas

Though I never really thought about it, I guess a small, “platform” release (that’s industry speak, by the way) for Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd would have made sense since it’s more out there than usual

The Fourth Horseman Rides

The end is nigh. Again. Daily Variety got word late in the day today that Intrepid Pictures has nabbed the rights to the “supernatural thriller” (or what we like to call “horror movie”) The Fourth Horseman, written by Marshall Uzzle and Perry Fair. Intrepid will have Snowblind penners Paul Benz & Steve Tomlin throw a re-write at it.

Sisters New Post, Theatrical Hopes

Though it’s by no means the best look we’ll have at it, STYD managed to snap up the first look at the new poster for Doug Buck’s remake of Brian DePalma’s Sisters, which you can see in all it’s glory

Horror on the Auction Block

How often do you go to cons and spend way too much money on stuff you just have to have, taking the word from the seller that its authentic? Probably more often than you’d like. So how about spending

Legion Prizes, More Halloween Freebies!

Well, only a few more days to go before Rob Zombie’s Halloween finally hits theaters (listen to our interview with Rob Zombie here!). We’ve been telling you about our Legion of Michael contests (detai

Unrated Rise Art

At least the cover art for the unrated version of the Lucy Liu vampire movie Rise: Blood Hunter doesn’t feature bat creatures on it that aren’t even in the movie (read Nomad’s 2007 Tribeca write-up fo

Gunnar's New Massacre

In some of the strangest news I’ve ever seen in Variety, it was reported this morning that Gunnar Hansen will be taking on a staring role in a whole new Massacre movie.

Dark Horse Vs. War Monkeys

Dark Horse Indie, despite having not exactly taken the genre world by storm thanks to their lengthy turnaround time in projects, have got behind a brand new one according to The Hollywood Reporter that I’m sure we’ll be hearing about for years to come much like My Name is Bruce and Driftwood

Outside for Overture

What are the three most important things in real estate? Location, lack of a doorway to a parallel dimension, and location. Any realtor will tell you the same. Perhaps the family at the center of

AVP Trailer Now Online!

Maybe there is a God after all... After Paul Anderson brutally raped my inner fanboy, the red-band trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem has emerged onto IGN and seems to have done the impossibl

First Hatchet Theater Listings!

Finally! Adam Green’s old school American horror flick, Hatchet, is due to chop its way into cinemas on Friday, September 7th (that’s two weeks, FYI), but the question has always been: Which theaters? Anchor Bay has finally let the cat out of the bag snd unveiled the preliminary list for your eyeballs!

Censored Manhunt 2 Approved

I don’t know if this should be seen as good or bad news, but according to MCV, Manhunt 2 has finally received the M rating it needs to be able to find its way into stores and home video consoles afte