Gate Remade in 3-D?

Oh, man, who wants a remake of The Gate? How could they possibly top the original for pure 80’s fun? Nevertheless it seems like it’s happening, or so say sources at JoBlo this morning.

Finally! A Screamers Sequel!

Wow, of all the sequels I expected to be announced in the coming months, I would have honestly never said Screamers 2 would be one of ‘em. Shows what I know!

Studio 407 Gets Myriad Deal

Those of you who follow comics closer that I’m able to may be familiar with the work of Studio 407; they’re one of the new kids on the comic publishing block but despite (or maybe because of)this they’ve just signed a first-look deal with Myriad Pictures to create live-action features based on their property, or so says The Hollywoo

CBS Gets Beastly

CBS Films has nabbed the rights to their first potential movie according to The Hollywood Reporter; the YA supernatural novel Beastly.

Dark Sky's Twelve Days of Terror!

We got word from our friends over at Dark Sky Films that they're ready to celebrate the holidays by offering many great deals on the plethora of horror DVDs they've got in stock.

Departyd Trailer

Patricio Valladares may just have something golden with his adaption of the comic book called the Party. Thanks to a little help from Twitch, we were pointed in the direction of the filmmaker's official blog. There we were able to check out the first trailer for the adaptation which is titled Departyd.

Long Weekend Visit

The blog known as Fear Has No Cure is currently overflowing with content regarding the remake of Colin Eggleston's thirty year old film, Long Weekend.

One Missed Website

One Missed Call's official site has gone live. The Flash based site is really targeting teens since you can browse the cast on parody websites like "fakebook" and "OMZ." That makes sense since the film is rated PG-13.

Bait for the Shark Swarm

Coming just a few weeks after we showed you the Shark Swarm poster ("Shark Swarm Poster, Full Synopsis!" - November 2007), RHI Films has now updated their official website with 105 pictures from the fish flick. The pics are small and heavily watermarked, but something is better than nothing.

Sci Fi Finds Living Hell

With Buried Alive already out on DVD and Undead or Alive out next Tuesday (pre-order it here), that only leaves Living Hell looking for distribution. Well it shall look no more!

Video Dread Premiere: Cellar Door Teaser & Trailer!

We’ve been hearing about the new indie film Cellar Door for a while now, getting bursts of praise here and there for it being beyond what the premise leads most to expect, so when we had the opportunity to host a premiere of both the film’s teaser and full trailer, of course we said yes.

Kill Theory Update

Though I can’t say it’s number one on our list of most anticipated movies, I will admit to a morbid curiosity regarding Chris Moore’s Kill Theory (formerly Last Resort/Killers). If nothing else it’ll be a chance to stare at Agnes Brucker for 90 minutes again.

Zero Dark Thirty, More Susco Updates

With the elections right around the corner, now would really be the perfect time for a movie like Zero Dark Thirty, the remake of Bob Clark’s Deathdream that Stephen Susco is writing. Unfortuantely is sounds like it’s going to be a while before we’ll be seeing it.

English Oxford Murders Trailer

A few weeks ago we brought you the Spanish trailer for Alex De La Iglesia's thriller The Oxford Murders. Visually it looked great, but unless you were fluent in Spanish, the plot was a little tough to make out. To sum things up John Hurt and Elijah Wood try to use very complicated mathematical equations to figure out who, where and when a local serial killer will strike next.

Splice Rolling for '09

If you happen not to remember us talking about a film called Splice, let me refresh your memories. Sarah Polley, Adrien Brody and Delphine Chanéac will be under the direction of Cube helmer Vincenzo Natali as he takes us into a world of beautiful and terrifying world of genetic engineering...