Tour the Nightmare Factory

After the success of The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning (review) the folks over at Fox Atomic Comics have turned their attention to more traditional horror tales to adapt into comi

Chiller TV's Cash for Talent

We've all said it at least once while watching some bad horror film, "I could do so much better than that." Hell, I say it damn near every single time something from Lionsgate shows up at the door, but how often is an actual chance given where you can either put up or shut up?

Horror Goes the Wrong Way

Over the weekend we got a heads up on a new horror film getting to be shot in central Florida, a state that’s apparently becoming a hot spot (some pun intended) for horror filmmakers. It’s called Wrong Way and purports itself to be in the vein of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, though the info that we received didn’t mention if they meant the originals or remakes...

DVD Releases: Dexter's Return

Your horror DVD selection for Tuesday, August 21st will include... Borderline Cult (2007) Directed by Uli Lommel

Dreadtime Stories: Two From Braunbeck!

He’s been writing in various genres for years now, but primarily Gary A. Braunbeck is know for his extensive horror output. He possesses that very rare and exciting talent for being able to speak right to the reader, so that you almost get the feeling he wrote it just for you when you read his works.

Exclusive Dead Matter Pics!

The folks behind the production of Ed Douglas’ The Dead Matter, which we just updated you on over the weekend (“Dead Matter Update!” – August 2007) have sent along a pair of exclusive pics from behind

Savini Surfs With Lost Boys

Well, now you don’t have any reason to whine or complain about the upcoming sequel to The Lost Boys, currently subtitled The Tribe, because the one and only Tom Savini will be in it!

First Look at Damned Thing Art!

Those generous ladies and gents over at Anchor Bay were cool enough to forward on a look at the artwork for their next scheduled Masters of Horror release, Tobe Hooper’s “The Damned Thing” (review), this weekend. Pretty snazzy, no?

Sharks in Venice!

In 1999 they brought us the original Shark Attack In 2001 they came back for seconds in Shark Attack 2 In 2002 they unleashed the masterpiece that is Shark Attack 3: Megalodon In 2003 they dr

Dead Matter Update!

We got word last night that The Dead Matter, the horror feature being directed by Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas, is halfway through their shoot schedule and everything’s looking great so far.

Wrath of Magus

Now here's a nifty little horror/fantasy flick that I happened to stumble upon while looking up some info about another film on IMDB. You'd be surprised how often that's happened to me. This time I

Meet the Prisoners of the Sun

While cruising around the many layers that make up that wonderful geek resource known as the IMDB, I discovered a movie that I’ve heard neither Jack nor shit about, but sounds like something we’d be giving regular updates on if I had.

Fido's Captive Specs

There's nothing sweeter than a boy and his ... zombie? That's the case with Fido (review), a film many of you probably never got to see in theatres because room had to be made for Bratz, Daddy Day Cam

Old & New Horror in Hi-Def

Blu-ray means serious business now. Currently the hi-def format is kicking the competition's (HD-DVD) ass by a selling margin of 2:1. While HD-DVD may have better features and cheaper players, the Son

DC at Monster Mania 9!

It's August; the sun is shining, the kiddies are getting in their last ditch summer hook ups and it’s time, once more, for MONSTER-MANIA! Monster-Mania 9 blackens the landscape of Cherry Hill, NJ this