Spiral, 30 Days, Lost DVD Dates!

A whole lot of new DVD info came down via DVD Active and Fangoria over the past few days and instead of giving you one story for each, I figured it’d just make more sense to give it to ya hard and fast. The way you like it, you slut.

The Fangs of February

It must be a surefire sign that I'm utterly burned out on the entire zombie subgenre because word of two new low budget vampire flicks coming to DVD in February suddenly seems like a breath of fresh air to me. Remember when that was pretty much the other way around? Seems like a long time ago, huh?

Help Pick 2007's Scariest Stud

As a member of Dread Central's female contingency, I'm always on the lookout for information that might be of special interest to my sisters in horror, and today we got the news from Pretty-Scary that it's time to vote for the 2007 Scary Stud of the Year!

Exclusive: Two Pages of SPOOKS!

We first told you about Ryan Schifrin's upcoming horror comic, SPOOKS, a couple of days ago (Ryan Schifrin Talks Spooks -- Tue, 12/11/2007) and already Ryan was kind enough to give us an early look at a couple of pages of gruesome goodness!

Green and Moore's Spiral Rated

Adam Green, the creative force behind one of this year's brightest horror spots, Hatchet, is set to bring another film to the big screen in 2008 and this time -- the MPAA isn't hammering him with all manner of ridiculousness!

Paranormal Activity @ Slamdance!

Ever since we started talking about the latest bit of ghostly cinéma vérité, Paranormal Activity (review here) on Dread Central you've all been asking, "Where can I see it?" Well if you plan on heading to next year's Slamdance film festival you're more than in luck!

Hatchet DVD Signing This Sunday!

In the Burbank area and looking to be one of the first get your hands on the unrated Hatchet DVD (review here)? Then take a break from your holiday shopping and head on over to the Dark Delicacies Book Store!

Raw Feed's Supermarket Synopsis

Raw Feed keeps cranking out the horror films and even if they are direct to DVD, that doesn’t mean they have to be any less cool.

Mean Girls in a Trance

Perhaps you recall a film we told you about a while back called Trance (“Rodionoff Directs a Trance” – October 2007)? If not, no worries cause there wasn’t a whole helluva lot of info on it anyway.

Repo! The Animated Opening!

Before Darren Lynn Bousman got behind the camera to make Repo! The Genetic Opera a reality, he made a short film with some friends on the weekend to prove how good it could be. Since there are some legal SAG issues with posting the entire short, he recently updated his MySpace page with the good news that you can, at least, check out how the short opened. And it’s animated! Dig it below!

Reminder: Friday Night Frights Returns!

Just a quick reminder to all you Texans; Friday Night Frights is making its return to the Studio Movie Grill in Lewisville, TX. Presented by the dashing gents at Pit of Horror, those other guys behind Fear Fest, the screening tonight will feature the 1978 version of Dawn of the Dead! Doors open at 9 and the show starts at 9:30. You’ll even get a free DVD with paid admission!

Exclusive Images from The Poughkeepsie Tapes!

The good folks at MGM just provided Dread Central with two exclusive pics from the upcoming cinema verite film The Poughkeepsie Tapes, directed by John Dowdle, one of which is to your right, the other slightly below.

Prom Night Poster

I have to say I actually kind of dig this poster; it doesn’t go where I would have expected it to and in this day and age, that’s really all I can ask for, I guess. STYD got the first look at the Prom Night redux poster, a little slice of which is below; smack it with your mouse to see the whole thing. Nelson McCormick directed the remake, which follows a young girl on the run from a serial killer who's killing all her friends on the titular magical evening.

MySpace Goes Beyond the Rave

Beyond the Rave, the first movie from the resurrected Hammer Films, has been dropping bits and pieces of news out there for months, but no word on how we'd get to see it, only that it would be online. Today it was finally revealed where the film will be making its debut; MySpace!

Clash of the Titans Redux Finds Helmer

No matter where you are right now, I’m sure you can hear the sound of the damned crying out in fear as their toasty, warm home for a millennia becomes colder and colder by the second; yes, dear readers, hell has frozen over. Why?