Up for a Challenge?

Contests! We all love them, mainly because we all love winning free shit! To enter some you all you have to do is mail in an entry, but for others ... well you just got to be a little bit more creativ

Hey, Hey It's Blood Monkey

If nothing else, you at least have to give the filmmakers credit for coming out with such a cheese-tastic title as Blood Monkey. Technically though, the movie is actually about killer chimpanzees. Blo

Teased by Eden Log

French director Franck Westiel's Eden Log has not been making a lot of noise for about a month ("New Eden Log Images" - August 2007). Around the same time in August when the stills were released a loa

Exclusive Whisperer Update!

A while back we gave you all a heads up about the next film from the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, who last brought us the highly-praised silent film

Anime Voorhees?

Jason Voorhees has been around for so long, I can’t help but wonder what the hell else they can do with him, both in films and out. Gentle Giant had a pretty good idea; make him look like a carto

Sanchez's Seventh Moon Site Live!

I don’t know about you, but I made the wise decision to subscribe to Ed (Blair Witch Project, Altered) Sanchez’s MySpace blog to keep up to date on his latest directorial effort, Seventh Moon and man

Exclusive: Burrowers Prequel Named

On the set of David Gregory’s Plague Town last night (more on that later), I got to chatting with one of the makeup effects guys on the project, and he made mention of having worked with J.T. Petty on a project recently, something called “Red Earth”.

Funny Games One Sheet

Now this is a damn fine poster, no? Though I seriously doubt it will be the final art used for Michael Haneke’s remake of his own Funny Games, it’ll still be a great piece if the film is good enough t

Lussier Fixes The Eye

If you've hired a director or two to create a motion picture, why bring on a third person after the film is shot to add footage to it? Especially when the added party isn't exactly as talented as your

A Look at the Moonlight Premiere

This season there seems to be a rash of horror-themed television programs hitting the airwaves, which is very perplexing to me ... I’m already too damn busy and now I have to watch TV too!?!

The Bay Wrestles a Maniac

I concluded my UK DVD review of Wrestlemaniac with these words: "I'm reviewing the just released barebones PAL DVD of Wrestlemaniac (Originally entitled El Mascarado Massacre). I can only hope tha

Deaths of Ian Stills

I gotta be honest, when I first heard the premise for The Deaths of Ian Stone, though I loved the idea, I got the feeling it was going to be just another subtle head-fuck movie for some reason. Su

Masters of Mash-Up!

The ultimate fate of the Masters of Horror series is still up in the air, but we all can still enjoy what it has already given us. Now the show is ready to hand out some prizes, and all you have to do

Exclusive: Golden Talks Baltimore!

I’m a huge fan of the Chris Golden/Mike Mignola novel Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire, which you can see by my review if you don’t believe me, so when it was announced that Dav

Fangoria Comics No More

Well, I can’t say this is all that surprising, but it’s still a little sad. The folks behind Fangoria Comics just sent out a press release announcing that Creative Entertainment has officially shu