Two More Saw IV Pics

All right, I know we’re kinda grasping at straws now, but if the fourth Saw movie really is as good as some say, you’ll be thanking us later. So there!

First Info, Pics From Resist Evil Trilogy!

And just what the hell would happen if God went missing? Though some argue he has been since throwing the spark of life onto Earth, leaving us like a big, fucked up science experiment to see what’ll happen, the upcoming Resist Evil trilogy takes a different stance.

Gordon Confirms Fear Itself Involvement!

While tooling around Sitges to spread the word on Stuck, Stuart Gordon chatted for a bit with the folks over at Aullidos and confirmed his participation in the upcoming Masters of Horror reincarnation, Fear Itself.

Rock and Shock Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder, the fourth annual Rock and Shock, a celebration of all things loud and horror, kicks off tomorrow at 5pm (convention) and 7pm (music) in Worcester, MA!

Tips on Surviving a Horror Movie

Of all the places to be cool this Halloween season, I have to say CBS is the last one I would’ve expected. Of course, their coolness is online only, but since that is our proverbial bread and butter, I guess we can’t fault ‘em too much.

Land Sharks Coming to Malibu

Looks like man-eating B-movie sharks will once again begin surfacing in 2008. We'll be getting the John Schneider/Daryl Hannah sharktacular Shark Swarm on TV, Nu Image (the kings of B-movie sharkdom) are planning to unleash Sharks in Venice and only Stephen Baldwin can save the Italian canals, and now the city of Malibu, California will find itself the site of further shark-on-human action in the not-so-cleverly titled Malibu Shark.

Combs on Parasomnia Status

All has been very quiet on the front of Bill Malone’s latest horror opus, Parasomnia, for a while now (“Tons of New Parasomnia Pics!” – August 2007); and according to star Jeffrey Combs, that’s exactly the way Malone wants it right now.

Sympathy Helmer Talks Screamfest Showing

Just the other day we showed off the full rundown of what would be playing at this year’s Screamfest LA (“Screamfest 2007 Lineup” – October 2007), and to say the least the list was impressive.

Hooper to Helm Buick 8

Though the fact that Tobe Hooper is now in the director’s seat for the adaptation of Stephen King's From a Buick 8, a spot once held by George Romero, isn’t really news, it did finally show up in the trades today so I guess that makes it all “official”.

St. Valentine VS. The Wolfman

It isn't a hobby for us to post just a release date of a movie, but when it comes to a remake of a Universal classic, we'll make an exception.

Return to House on Haunted Hill Contest!

It has been many years since we last went to the house that sat high on Haunted Hill. Who else would be foolish enough to enter the old nuthouse where so many lives were lost before? Greedy people, that's who!

Saw is Not Celeb Friendly

Those lucky bastards across the pond in the U.K. have been granted a special SAW IV site called Chamber of Torture! Why it first came out over there and not here is puzzling because of the site's content.

Reshooting Evil Dead

Sam Raimi's Evil Dead is being prepped for reshoots ... in comic book form. Close call, eh? I was going to say George Lucas was brought on board to add lots of high-priced CGI, but that joke may be old.

Final I Am Legend Poster

Check it out; Warner Bros. just released the final poster for the Will Smith-starrer I Am Legend, the third adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel of the same name. Due out on December 14th, you can check out the I Am Legend teaser trailer in Video Dread to see one of their better marketing tactics! - Johnny Butane

Exclusive Pics From Scourge!

I do have to say I have a soft spot for monster movies. It’s the kid in me, really. You could have the most boring premise in the world but as soon as the word “monster” is uttered, you’ve got my attention. Thus the reason I took note of a press release we got this past weekend for a new film called Scourge, directed by Sasquatch and Ripper II helmer Jonas Quastel.