Bind Poster Unbound

The man, the myth, the legend; Dan Walton. All right, so his name may not mean a lot to you, but Dan’s well known to anyone who visits horror sites with the kind of untamed gusto that true devotees display, as he’s the driving force behind Upcoming Horror Movies, one of the longest running horror sites out there.

Sisters DVD Art

The folks at Image Entertainment have got some pretty cool box art together for their upcoming release of Douglas ("Cutting Moments") Buck’s Sisters redux, which gets the direct to DVD treatment on March 11th, 2008.

I Can See Premiere!

It’s a good time for Larry Fessenden’s Scarefilix imprint; yesterday we showed you the art work for the production company’s Trigger Man, due out next year ("Ti West’s Trigger Man DVD Specs" – December 2007), and today the Fango

Exclusive: More Chain Letter Details!

While discussing some of the finer points of his next outing as a vampire in the film Blood Shot (read about it here), actor Michael Bailey Smith dropped some new info on Dread Central about his role as the Chain Man in the upcoming Twisted Pictures production, Chain Letter.

Zombies Get Chile

Apparently I missed the sad news about Sangre Eterna director Jorge Olguin no longer working on the Clock Tower adaptation; that or the film is in such a state of development hell that he decided to work on some other things while it’s pending. Things like the first Chilean zombie film, The Descendents (aka Solos).

Six Discs of Grindhouse!

Are you, like the rest of us, pissed at how Grindhouse was treated on DVD when it was released here in the states? Refuse to buy it until Dimension caves and puts both films and the faux trailers in one set?

Ti West's Trigger Man DVD Specs

Among assorted other DVD news, the Fangoria ghouls got their hands on the DVD info for Ti West’s follow up to his equally loved and hated debut, The Roost, the hunter-becomes-hunted flick Trigger Man.

Sullivan Talks Clowns, Blood

Tim Sullivan’s getting ready to get back behind the camera for 2001 Maniacs; Beverly Hellbillys very soon, but that’s not all the director has up his sleeve as he revealed in a recent interview with Windy City Times.

Lonely Joe Update, New Project Announced

Despite, or maybe because of, the fact that most of Hollywood is shut down for at least another week, the folks at Emmemax Films are still working night and day to finish their first feature, Lonely Joe, which we gave you an update on a few weeks back (“Filming Wraps on Lonely Joe” – November 2007).

The Foycast: Top 10 Worst Direct-to-Video Movies of 2007

You know the old saying, "Careful what you wish for?" Some of you apparently wished for a special edition of Dinner For Fiends consisting entirely of me rambling about movies good and bad - mostly bad. Well, you got it. God help us all.

Animated From Inside Close to Finished

There are times, running this site, that I feel very well-connected to most levels of what’s going on in our beloved genre. Then there are times when I feel like an uncultured heathen with barely a grasp on what’s happening around me. Usually the latter happens after a visit to Twitch Film.

Sacramento Loves Chain Letter

A Sacramento- based CBS affiliate just posted a video interview with Chain Letter director Deon Taylor, fulfilling the promise I made this morning. See how good I am?

Peekers to Travel the World

A few weeks back we had the opportunity to host the premiere of the latest short film from Mark Steensland, the adaptation of Kealan Patrick Burke’s short story “Peekers”. I would love to point you to it now but we only had it for 48 hours, so I hope you checked it out when you had the chance!

Exclusive: Michael Bailey Smith Talks Blood Shot!

Michael Bailey Smith is a horror actor on the rise. Sure, he’s been working for years in various roles both with and without makeup, but more and more lately he’s making himself a known face to horror fans, which is something we’re all about.

First Lost Boys 2 Image

All right, so I’m not a big fan of vampire movies, nor am I a big fan of sequels that come along over 20 years after their originals, but I have to admit a morbid curiosity for The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.