Prom Night Finds Director, Star

So it looks like, though he was offered the gig, Sangra Eterna helmer Jorge Olguin won’t be directing the forever-in-development remake of Prom Night like we had hoped he would when it was reported he

The Dead are Furious!

What's better than smashing zombies in their friggin' bastard heads with any number of blunt objects? The answer -- NOTHING!

Monster Squad for Halloween

Though it really is kind of a "well, duh" thing to report on, it’s still good to hear it from the mouth of a man who should know! Fred Dekker was in attendance at last weekend’s Monster Mania bash

Who's Behind Saw IV?

So who will be the director of Saw IV, which as we reported here gets rolling on April 16th? Why it’s none other than Darren Lynn Bousman, back again for this third outing with the series, per the fie

Fear Fest Tickets @ Front Gate!

Still waiting to buy your tickets to Fear Fest, the convention going down next month in Texas we’re helping put on with the folks at Pit of Horror? Mind if I ask why you’re still waiting? No matter

Exclusive: Romero Talks Diary of the Dead!

At this past weekend’s Haunt X convention in California, we got the chance to sit down with the one and only George A. Romero to discuss his latest zombie opus, Diary of the Dead.

Reaping Loses Glass

As if the troubled post-production issues that have plagued The Reaping weren’t enough already (the movie’s shifted release dates more than a Dimension film), now they’ve lost their score, the final p

DVD Release List: Lunacy in the Wilderness

The following DVDs are ready to invade your home on February 20th, 2007... Anna's Eve Directed by Kantz A quiet, dedicated social worker, Anna, suffers a mental breakdown when she finds the mur

Restricted Atomic

If there’s one thing that’s always frustrated me about working with studios who want to promote their new horror films, it’s their lack of understanding that horror fans want to see the extreme, nasty

Join us!

Dread Central is a very weird creature. We like to think of ourselves as the fan's horror website. We never shill (unless the price is extremely right; Butane and I have to keep our supply of Slim Jim

Ward Talks Postal

Every actor should have the freedom to say to his director, "If this movie’s not good, I’m going to punch you in the face. Publicly."

New Mummy News

While I’m really not too sure why everyone’s so excited about a new Mummy film, myself included, as a news editor it is my job to give you guys what you want. So here we go. IGN has scored a lot of

Grindhouse Split Outside the U.S.

We might be taking this whole Grindhouse campaign for granted here in the States; after all this was the home to double feature theaters showcasing all sorts of great exploitation films of the 70’s. B

Exclusive: Saw IV Start Date!

Certainly not a huge update, but it's a good indication that huge updates are on the way! We just got word from our man at Monster Mania (going down as we speak in Jersey) that filming on Saw IV b

Banned Abandoned Spot

Nacho Cerda’s beautifully haunting feature-length debut, The Abandoned (review), is coming to theaters across the country this Friday, February 23rd. You need to see it if you missed it during the Aft