Poster to Make You Shutter

I gotta be honest with you guys; I could give two shits about the upcoming remake of Shutter. The original was dull as paint, and I seriously doubt the Americanized version is going to be that much more exciting.

13 Goes Extreme

I don’t know; it’s hard to call this one a horror movie, to be honest. I first saw 13: Game of Death back when it was still called 13 Beloved at Fantasia last summer; and while, yes, there are some gory and disgusting moments, it’s not really horror ... or is it?

First Pics From Henenlotter's Bad Biology!

It’s been way too long since we last got word on Frank (Basket Case, Brain Damage) Henenlotter’s return to our beloved genre, Bad Biology (“Henenlotter Returns With Bad Biology!” – January 2007). Granted, it does take a while to get a movie made, especially when it’s low budget, shot on film and gory as hell.

New Date for Mandy Lane

When the Weinstein Company snatched up the distribution rights to All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, one of the most talked about slashers in recent memory, the old crawling fear that I get whenever the Weinsteins get their hands on horror appeared with force. It would be at least a year before this would hit theaters, I just knew it.

Exclusive: The Sickness Pics

Director Carl Paolino sent us a few exclusive images from his new flick today so we figured we'd share. The Sickness tells us the story of five laboratory workers who become "trapped in a secret disease development facility when a highly transmittable virus infects one of the workers."

Hellboy and the Golden Johann

Who couldn't love the first Hellboy movie? Ron Perlman was perfect in the make-up, and the effects got me caught up in the moment. After all that my mind went on a rampage trying to think of all the cool stuff (nerdy fanboy wishes) in the "Hellboy" comics that would be in the next installment. One of my visions actually came to fruition...

Marvel Zombies ... The Movie?!

This week we got an e-mail from Revenant Magazine that informed us about a fan film based on the Marvel mini-series known as "Marvel Zombies." What we found within was a YouTube hosted video that blew our minds. I had a real bad feeling it was going to be deleted thanks to the site's strict copyright TOS.

Platinum Dunes to Overhaul Freddy

Of all the horror icons, Freddy Krueger is my favorite. The first horror film I watched was A Nightmare on Elm Street, and from then on I was hooked. It didn't matter what others thought of the sequels; I was glued to the franchise. So, what should one think when this series is put into some questionable hands?

Dread Central Hosts Spooks Forum!

A while back we gave you guys the first word on Ryan (Abominable) Schifrin’s latest project, the horror/action comic Spooks (“Schifrin Talks Spooks” – December 2007).

Romanek Off Wolfman

Wow, this is unexpected; Mark Romanek (pictured, One Hour Photo) has left Universal’s long-anticipated remake of The Wolfman, which was ramping up production for the last few weeks.

Time Crimes Helmer to Change the World?

Seems like everyone’s coming out of Sundance talking about a few films this year; Downloading Nancy is one (we told you about it here) and Time Crimes is another, admittedly both for very different reasons. In the case of Time Crimes, people are impressed by how both smart and horrific it is, a combo we don’t see often enough.

Hill Under Locke & Key

Funny, Nomad and I were just discussing the other day how we’d really like to get more comic coverage on the site, but man if it isn’t impossible to keep up with all the new horror titles out there now. Not that it’s a bad thing!

Moore Finds Shelter

Variety reported this morning that Julianne Moore has signed on to star in Shelter, which they referred to as a “supernatural horror film”, to be produced by Nala Films.

Goyer's Platinum Dunes Projects Rolls

A while back we told you guys about a new project David Goyer was working on with Platinum Dunes that, both then and now, suffered from a lack of title (“Goyer Finds Possession Story” – Nomvember 2007).

The Predator's Packing

Alien VS Predator: Requiem (review) has come and gone. Some loved it and others didn't. One thing we can all be certain of is that the toys from NECA kick some serious ass! Coming out this February are two versions of "The Wolf" Predator. The masked and unmasked figures come with an array of accessories as seen in the movie. Now, if only they'd put out the Pizza Boy so we could give him the thrashing he so deserved in the movie.