The Reaper of CW

Being a guy who watches little TV, I totally missed the boat when UPN became The CW. I had little reason to watch it back before the change and none to watch it lately, until now. Actors Ray Wise a

Tom Holland Joins Fear Fest 2!

With Dread Central and Pit of Horror's second annual show just a few months away, the news keeps on coming! Hold on to your asses, folks! Master of horror, Tom Holland, has just joined the ever growing line up of ghouls and goodness that will be Fear Fest 2.

Sounds of The Last Winter

Larry Fessenden is an odd cat. He’s never made anything that could be called a "traditional" horror film, yet there are certain circles in our genre that embrace anything he does unquestioningly. Pers

Nicholson's Manor Optioned

Author Scott Nicholson’s work is getting nabbed for film deals left and right, it seems. His latest novel, They Hunger (review), is in the midst of being adapted both for film and a graphic novel, and

Xombie X Online!

After five long years, the online animated series Xombie has finally reached its conclusion.

UK Gets Good Saw IV Poster

Remember when it was scary to think of all the censorship going on in the UK, what with their whole “video nasties” scare a few decades back? It’s almost funny to think about it now, since its obviou

Orphanage Writer's Homecoming

Spanish films are becoming more and more the hip thing right now, and the success of Juan Antonio Bayona’s The Orphanage (pictured) has done nothing to dissuade that building trend. Daily Variety

Screamfest Gets 30 Days Early

While we’re still waiting for the full schedule to make itself known to the world, the folks behind Screamfest LA are letting some info slip here and there regarding the upcoming festival. For fans of movies that look like they’re going to kick ass, which I count myself among, they just announced a special advance screening of David Slade’s 30 Days of Night on October 16th, three days prior to its theatrical release!

Help Tromadance!

While we sit and wait for Lloyd Kaufman's Poultrygeist to sweep next year's Academy Awards, there's a far more important event around the corner. I'm of course talking about the Ninth Annual Tromadanc

Butane Next on Killer's List?

Yeah, I’m screwed. I’d heard about this around town but didn’t want to believe it to be true. It’s not like I’ve said anything recently to piss anyone off … have I? I hope they catch this sicko before

Exclusive Look at To Live and Die!

Today the supa cool folks behind Robert Kurtzman’s latest directorial effort, To Live and Die, threw a couple of exclusive first looks at the movie to us, just for Dread Central readers. How cool is t

*UPDATED!* Festivals for Richards' Scars

**DIG IT: Mr. Richards just sent us a look at the poster for Summer Scars! Sexy!<** This sounds like it’s going to walk the line of good taste and exploitation; and might be a bit dangerous, to boot.

Myriad Still Has Mother

Just a follow up to the last story we did on Mother of Tears (“Weinsteins Find a Mother” – September 2007), the folks at The Hollywood Reporter have confirmation that the Brothers Wein actually have a

Wolf Man Moved

Well, it’s too bad but at least the move is happening now and not, say, a month before its release. Box Office Mojo is reporting a release date switch for Mark Romanek’s The Wolf Man remake, set t

DMX Develops Lockjaw

Hey, it worked for Ice Cube in Anaconda, so why not for DMX? The rapper-turned-actor (Exit Wounds, Never Die Alone, Cradle 2 the Grave) has recently wrapped production of a killer serpent flick entitl