Magnolia Takes a Donkey Punch

Few things make me smile more than being able to use the term Donkey Punch on our website and have it be news. It's fun to write, and it's even more fun to say. Look at the person next to you and try it ... donkey punch. See what I mean?

Can You See It?

Paranormal-Archive has reported that they have footage that might conclusively prove the existence of other-worldly entities. Check out the footage below!

Romero Back on Diamond Dead?

Holy crap, remember Diamond Dead? This was supposed to be Romero’s return to zombie heaven before Universal swooped in and confused matters with Land of the Dead. Romero worked on it for years but if memory serves had to choose between going forward with Land or Diamond and (unfortunately, some say) chose the former.

Zombie Confirms Tyrannosaurus Rex

Well, we now officially know the name of the next Rob Zombie movie after The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is done, thanks to a recent posting on his MySpace page. The question is; will it be something horror fans care about?

Gallo Off Giallo?

According to a new story on the NY Daily News, Vincent Gallo is making his departure from the next Dario Argento film, Giallo, despite how similar his last name is to the title.

Frontier(s) Release Plan Set

After Dark Films has finally figured out its plans for Xavier (Hitman) Gens’ Frontier(s) it was announced today. Though the film was originally slated to be part of the 8 Films to Die For (we got Lake Dead instead...), its NC-17 rating could not be modified in time to get it in theaters this past November.

Seyfried Joins Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox is getting another lovely young lady to share screen time with her when cameras roll on Fox Atomic’s Jennifer’s Body this March up in Vancouver according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Trio Up for Goyer's Possession Flick

Though still lacking a title, that’s not stopping David Goyer’s next movie from going ahead with some pretty impressive casting.

Burrowers in Post, Death on Hold

We all know that the WGA strike is tarring up the production of some horror movies, but what about the ones that were already in production before the movement? Where do J.T. Petty’s films stand right now?

Aja's Piranha Goes 3D?

This may seem a little confusing at first, but try to stay with me here. Koa Films is making a Piranha flick and Alexandre Aja is remaking the original Piranha (“New Piranha, Demons Remake!” – April 2007), OK? Two installments of the same film franchise were in the works, but Koa's was to be in 3D. Easy enough to follow, right?

Badass Trailer for Aussie The Dark Lurking

It’s not often that a film is able to slip under our radar for too long, so imagine my surprise when reader Gilbert dropped us a line with a heads up about a new Aussie horror/action hybrid called The Dark Lurking.

Crazies Redux Still Alive

Back when Brad Anderson was attached to direct and Scott Kosar was supposed to write the remake of George Romero’s The Crazies, it was a project I was really looking forward to. Then it fell apart and I thought to myself “Well, it’s probably for the best…”

Ti West in The House of the Devil!

Dark Sky Films announced today that they're expanding their original production line (the first is David Gregory’s Plague Town) with a brand-new film from Trigger Man/Cabin Fever 2 director Ti West (pictured), The House of the Devil.

Exclusive Deaden Clip!

To help celebrate the brand new, super limited edition DVD of Christian Viel’s Deaden (review), the filmmakers behind the gory revenge film have provided Dread Central with an exclusive clip! And as long as we’re on their good side, I’m happy!

Inside Art, Malefique Date

Some good news came down the DVD wire via Fangoria yesterday, so I thought it only fair that we share it with those of you who are so dedicated to Dread Central you can’t even think about hitting other horror sites...