30 Days of Killer Plastic

Hitting the 2007 San Diego Comic Con is always a psychotic ride for any reporter. For someone covering horror toys for Dread Central, to borrow a line from Slither, it’s like finding a needle in a fuck-stack!

CSI Goes to Hell

For those horror loving freaks we love so much who don't usually hunker down for a night of normal prime time TV, here is your heads up. This Thursday, January 17th at 9pm et/pt on CBS (check local listings for exactly where to park your eyeballs, CSI features a rebroadcast of "Go To Hell", an episode where the usual trail of carnage may point to demonic intervention!

Missing Campers in Ohio

Just got an e-mail today regarding the disappearance of several people who went missing about a year ago while camping in the middle of the Bible Woods, in Ohio. Never let it be said that we here at Dread Central do not have a heart. At this time we'd like to take this opportunity to bring some awareness and maybe even help to this horrid situation.

Studio 407 Picks Hybrid

You may recall a news story we did last month about a new deal inked between Myriad Pictures and comic creator Studio 407 (“Studio 407 Gets Myriad Deal” – December 2007).

One Missed Call (2008)

"He's a guy from Canada who will reveal the most disgusting, horrifying sexual fixations & perversions that I've ever seen in my life! I've never seen anything so disgusting." - Robert Crumb

New Day of the Dead Remake Trailer Online

Did Zack Snyder actually pull off the impossible with his Dawn of the Dead remake? Could lightning strike twice? Judging by the looks of this newest trailer ... I just want to ... I mean maybe I should ... Jesus. Someone please get me some aspirin. Maybe a bottle of Absinthe too while you're at it.

April Fool's Day Remake(!) DVD Art

When in the name of Jupiter's balls did this get made and how the hell haven't I heard of it until now? Looks like another Eighties classic is getting the old remake treatment courtesy of Sony Pictures and The Butcher Brothers, and guess what? It's landing on store shelves March 25th!

Foycast: In The Name of the Boll

If you're reading this right now, then you are one of the millions upon millions of people who did not go to see Uwe Boll's In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale this past weekend. Don't worry because Uncle Creepy and I did, and you might be a little surprised to hear some of what we have to say about Dr. Boll's goofy $70 million fantasy epic. Some of what we say cannot even do justice to that which we saw and heard. Oh, Dr. Boll …

Dread Central Presents: Torture Porn

What makes a good torture porn film? Better yet, is there such a thing as a good torture porn film? Lord knows. In any event ever since the success of movies like Saw and Hostel, we've been drowning in them.

The Doomsday Trailer & New Pics Are Here!

Doomsday is coming, we all know when (“Doomsday Gets a Date!” – January 2008) ... but what will it look like? What will the epic plague on Earth leave in its wake? Will the people who survived outside of the containment zone retain their humanity? Will the disease that drove the human race to near extinction be cured?

Meet Cloverfield's Marlena

Three days to go until we find out if Cloverfield will live up to all the hype. Odd though that we haven't seen much in the way of mass marketing this week (aside from the creature spoilers I refuse to run ... as I want to keep the beast a secret). However, AOL/Moviefone did put up a video today that lets us get to know the character of Marlena a little more. There's no carnage or beasties, but it's something...

Insomnifest's Final Three Revealed!

If you haven't noticed by now, I've been following Insomnifest closely (“Insomnifest Houses the Methodic” – January 2008). We've watched as the world's first online-only horror film festival grew from just a couple titles into a real multi-cultural gathering of horror. Now, with a tear in my eye, I bring you the final three films of Insomnifest.

30 Days of Night Collectibles!

Gentle Giant; now there’s a company I want making my collectibles. They’re the only ones out there who had the foresight to make a figure of the crawler from The Descent, even if it is a bust and not a figure (see it here).

Mars Finds a Witch House

Anyone who’s ever listened to one of our audio interviews with various horror celebrities should be familiar with the Dread Central theme; screaming guitar, spooky voice and all that.

Theron Hits The Road

I think this is probably the best cast, pay scale-wise, to ever be assembled for a movie that is, at its heart, about cannibals.