Behind the Doomsday

Neil Marshall’s MySpace page just got a very sweet update featuring a ton of behind the scenes pics from his latest film, Doomsday, out March 14th from Rogue Pictures!

DVD Releases: It's a Trap

Not a lot to choose from come Tuesday, January 22nd, but you know what you’re getting anyway, don’t you?

Wolfman Gets a Blunt

I really hate it when actors who are starring in horror films make it very clear from the get-go that they don’t like horror films. Is it a personal thing? Do I feel attacked and defensive because of their wussiness? Is that even a word?

Big Money for Cloverfield

I gotta tell you all, it sure feels good to help build the hype on a movie for months and have said hype actually pay off by being a good flick. I refer, of course, to Cloverfield (review).

Watanabe Joins Freak Show

Another big name has joined the cast of the upcoming adaptation of the YA book series Cirque du Freak, adding to a list that includes Salma Hayek and John C. Reilly. This time out it’s Batman Begins/Last Samurai star Ken Watanabe according to Variety.

Bousman Updates Saw V, Repo!

So it’s not a big amount of news, but Darren Lynn Bousman just posted on his MySpace blog that the Saw V production offices have officially opened ... a mere two blocks away from where he’s working on Repo! The Genetic Opra.

New Imago Mortis Pics

I am not sure exactly how I missed out on Stefano Bessoni’s Imago Mortis. The concept art we found last year looked pretty badass, but we heard nothing about the film itself for about seven months ("Richard Stanley's Imago Mortis Rolls" – June 2007).

Badass Diary of the Dead Poster!

Man everyone’s getting their hands on kick ass posters these days, eh?

Timecrimes Gets Remade Already

There must be a bug in Hollywood to see and instantly remake any Spanish horror films for us stupid Americans. Cause you know how we hate subtitles.

Easter Bunny Kills in March!

With the one-two punch of having a ridiculous title and a very uncomfortable premise, it’s no surprise Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (review) has taken so long to find a distributor.

New Midnight Meat Train Poster!

If you would ask me what my most anticipated movie of the year now that Cloverfield (review) is in theaters is, I would easily say Midnight Meat Train. Well, that or High School Musical 3. It’s really a toss up.

Video Dread Exclusive: Uncut Blood River Trailer!

Ain’t love a bitch? That’s pretty much the message I get from the trailer for Adam (Broken, The Devil’s Chair) Mason’s next headfuck horror outing, Blood River. But then, I’m kinda strange; your interpretation will likely vary.

New Trailer, DVD Date for Shrooms

So far the opinions on Shrooms, the new horror film coming our way from Ireland via Magnet Releasing, has been pretty mixed. I’ve heard everything from venomous, bitter hatred to high praise. When a film gets that kind of varied reaction, you know you have to check it out.

Hell Ride Poster!

Sundance kicked into gear as of yesterday in Park City, UT, and all those LA people now have to deal with what we East Coasters face as a fact of life: snow. All I can say to that is HA!

Ghost Whisperer Season II Webisodes Begin

Now in its 3rd season, "The Ghost Whisperer" series has done quite well for itself bringing out the dead on Friday nights on CBS.