Eerie Fest Announces Nominees!

Our good friends at the Eerie Horror Film Festival, which starts this Wednesday, October 10th, and runs through Sunday, the 14th, have just sent over a list of their nominees to win an award at this year's event. Drum roll please ...

First Look at P Art

Over the weekend we gave you a heads up on three new titles coming under Tartan’s Asia Extreme banner (“New Tartan Horrors” – October 2007). Today we follow it up with your first look at the art for P, the tale of a girl forced to dance all sexy-like in order to make ends meet and the evil effects it has on her. P is due for release on December 25th; keep your eyes here for more art as it comes our way!

Almost Human on REC

I have to admit, though I’m not thrilled that they’re already remaking [REC] here in the States (the original Spanish one has yet to even premiere, though it is playing Sitges), I feel a bit better knowing The Poughkeepsie Tapes director John Dowdle is behind it. Of course, I’ve not seen The Poughkeepsie Tapes yet, but those who have, have had nothing but good to say about it.

Nightmare Man Poster!

Now that is classy. The gents over at STYD got their hands on the first official poster for this year’s After Dark Horrorfest (November 9th-18th around the country), that of Nightmare Man (review). What you see on the right is merely a teaser; check out the whole thing right here.

Exclusive: Joe Lynch's Lost Wrong Turn 2 Commentary!

We promised it, and as with all our promises, we are delivering it, too! Back when Fox was making the first pressing of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End on DVD, the disc was supposed to be a “flipper”, meaning there would be content on both sides of it, one of which would be a “technical” commentary by director Joe Lynch discussing the ins and outs of making the movie and working with Fox.

Ultimate Evil Dead?

There's no way to confirm this so early in the morning, but it seems legit enough if it came from the mouth of Red Shirt Pictures prez Michael Felsher, who was in attendance at the recent Cinema Wasteland convention in Cleveland.

DVD Releases: Weeks of Wrong Turns

Another boatload of new horror on DVD come Tuesday, October 9th! Here's what you're getting... 28 Weeks Later (2007)Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Anaconda 3: The Hoffening

Just 24-hours after I reported on the Sci-Fi Channel premiering a sequel to Bats ("Bats 2, Audience 0" - October 2007) comes more inexplicable killer animal sequalizations.

First Look at Dead Wood Poster

Just yesterday we gave you first word on a new horror film from the UK called Dead Wood ("Dead Wood Site Lives" - October 2007), which actually makes its US debut tomorrow (Sunday the 7th) at Schockerfest.

New Tartan Horrors

Tartan just send out the good news that December and January will have a brand-new selection of Asian Extreme entries, check it out... First up, being released on Christmas Day, is the Thai film P, which is not a prequel to the upcoming parking garage horror movie P2. Instead, it’s the tale of a girl forced to be an exotic dancer for money who becomes more and more evil the better she gets at dancing.

Weinsteins Ditch Red State

Now this is just weird. Maybe The Weinsteins can’t see Kevin Smith as anything more than a comedy machine, but something has made them pass on his upcoming horror film, Red State, according to the Silent Bob Speaks blog.

Chicago Hosts a New Massacre

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; why wasn’t cool shit like this happening when I actually lived in Chicago? Frustrating.

Bats 2, Audience 0

Even to this day the experience of sitting in a theater watching the 1999 nature gone amok flick Bats remains a profound disappointment fresh in my mind. Swarms of deadly mutant bats lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to attack victims Piranha-style: this should have been a no-brainer. And still they found a way to muck it up! Seriously, how do you screw up a concept so simple? This movie broke my heart.

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue#72

Issue #72 October 2007 Really, I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know how any magazine does it, for that matter, but especially when Rue Morgue does their annual Halloween/anniversary issue,

Dead Wood Site Lives

It’s not easy coming up with a name for your horror movie, believe me. My buddy and I worked on a script months ago that still has no title; nothing seems right, you know? So it’s forgivable that a ne