Win a Meet & Greet with Romero!

Like many horror fans, you probably want to meet Diary of the Dead (review) director George A. Romero at least once in your lifetime. The problem is he isn't always around your town. So how do we solve this problem? Fly you to where he's at!

El Superbeasto Returns with Pics!

Whatever happened to the days of feature length animated movies for adults? Sure, there are a few things on Adult Swim and plenty of anime out there for the over 18s ... but some of us are just all worn out of that stuff. The days of Ralph Bakshi really need to make a comeback, and Rob Zombie may be able to help.

Italian Masters Deliver "Dirt"

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni seems like she just stepped out of nowhere, or at least post-Demons 2 obscurity, and into the hearts of horror freaks everywhere in the last year. Along with just being a really cool chick all around, she’s starring in the new Dario Argento film Mother of Tears and has a ton of genre projects on the horizon. The most recent we caught wind of is “The Dirt”, and man does it have some talent involved...

New Doomsday Poster!

Wow, two in a row for the Arrow in the Head boys! Yesterday they got the first look at the poster for the Shutter redux, a remake I just can’t bring myself to care about; today they got a new Doomsday poster, and as you know, this is one we’re happy for.

Midnight Man Approaches

At last year’s first annual Fear Fest, Patick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and John Gulager were all in attendance to discuss their work on Feast, but they also showed the crowd the trailer for Midnight Man, a new film the trio were working on getting off the ground.

Reeves Up for More Cloverfield, Woman

Even though it’s nowhere near the first we’ve heard of it, I guess it’s more official if it shows up in Variety, right?

Igor and His Toys

Action-Figure has uploaded several photos of the toyline associated with The Weinstein Company’s CGI film Igor. I haven't really paid this new cartoon much mind, but it looks to have a pretty interesting casts for the voice acting (“Horror Clix Get a New Line” – October 2006). However, in my mind the real important thing isn't the movie, but the toys.

Paranormal Activity Gets Double Distribution!

In what has to quite possibly be one of the oddest twists in film history, Oren Peli's horror chiller Paranormal Activity (review here) has been picked up by Dreamworks for distribution, but that's not all ...

The Weinsteins Pick Up Giallo

This month sure has been full of news involving Dario Argento (“Argento Goes Giallo” – January 2008), and why not try to squeeze in a little more until February?

Spooks Site Now Online!

We've been telling you guys about director Ryan Schifrin's comic book mini-series Spooks for a while now (“Dread Central Hosts Spooks Forum!” – January 2008). To help build the hype for the project's launch in February, Spooks just got its official website!

Saw Videogame: Jigsaw Ready to Play at Home

Guess what you're going to be doing in October of 2009 other than going to see the sixth and "final" installment of the Saw series and double dipping for the Saw V Uber-unrated Director's Cut Two-Disc Mega Edition DVD? Firing up your next-gen console with Jigsaw, that's what!

Poster to Make You Shutter

I gotta be honest with you guys; I could give two shits about the upcoming remake of Shutter. The original was dull as paint, and I seriously doubt the Americanized version is going to be that much more exciting.

13 Goes Extreme

I don’t know; it’s hard to call this one a horror movie, to be honest. I first saw 13: Game of Death back when it was still called 13 Beloved at Fantasia last summer; and while, yes, there are some gory and disgusting moments, it’s not really horror ... or is it?

First Pics From Henenlotter's Bad Biology!

It’s been way too long since we last got word on Frank (Basket Case, Brain Damage) Henenlotter’s return to our beloved genre, Bad Biology (“Henenlotter Returns With Bad Biology!” – January 2007). Granted, it does take a while to get a movie made, especially when it’s low budget, shot on film and gory as hell.

New Date for Mandy Lane

When the Weinstein Company snatched up the distribution rights to All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, one of the most talked about slashers in recent memory, the old crawling fear that I get whenever the Weinsteins get their hands on horror appeared with force. It would be at least a year before this would hit theaters, I just knew it.