Rue Morgue Next Door

I really never thought I’d see the day that, not only would there be a filmed adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s seminal novel about a true suburban nightmare, The Girl Next Door (review), but that it’d also be on the cover of one of the most widely-distributed genre mags out there.

Exclusive: First Peek Behind Peekers!

Recently I had the chance to visit the set of a local film called "Peekers", directed by Dead @ 17 (review) helmer Mark Steensland, where I was witness to a scene being shot using the green screen equipment at Mercyhurst College here in Erie, PA (pictured, see more pics from the set below!). Peekers is based on a short story written by Kealan Patrick Burke. I won’t give too many details about the movie’s content, but I will say this much; Peekers is by far the best work I’ve seen from Steensland.

Interplanetary Tease

Word came down that a new teaser for Crewless Productions’ Interplanetary, their follow up to the underrated Hide and Creep (DVD review), has found it’s way onto YouTube. This time out the Crewless gang are way overstepping what most would say are their low-budget bounds, creating an epic scifi/horror piece, but they’re a talented lot and I bet they’ll pull it off admirably.

Three More Ghost House Sequels

See what I mean about Ghost House? All of a sudden they just want to churn out sequels instead of focusing on, I don’t know, something original. *UPDATE: So we learned this stuff isn't exactly new but what the hell, it's new to us!

Catacombs Art, Specs Revealed

After waiting for so long on info for Catacombs, the movie Twisted Pictures produced shortly after the first Saw, it’s so anticlimactic for it to just drop to DVD with nary any fanfare.

Carpenter's Fear Itself Episode Revealed!

So far the lineup for Fear Itself is looking very promising, even if the Writer’s strike has caused the series’ creator, Mick Garris, to step away from the creative control for now.

Boogeyman Cubed

Why are they making more Boogeyman films? Remember when it was cool and exciting that Sam Raimi was forming his own production house? Now Ghost House has become just as generic and buck-hungry as everyone else, as is evidence by yet another sequel to the tepid Boogeyman being in the works.

Poughkeepsie Trailer

Very little has been said about The Poughkeepsie Tapes because it’s been flying way below the radar despite the fact that MGM picked it up for release. Or maybe it’s because of that fact?

Schreiber Does the Mambo

Like it wasn’t strange enough that there are two organ repossession movies being worked on right now, the second one is getting a much classier cast than I expected.

Dinner for Fiends: Into the Mist

The Mist (review) is one of those films that, we hope, is going to be discussed and dissected for years to come. It’s a fantastic adaptation of a Stephen King story with just the right amount of liberties, but that ending ... Wowzers.

A Date With the Meat Train

Now that The Mist is out and igniting fans all over the ‘Net with discussion of its ending, we get to set our sights on the next highly anticipated horror fiction come to life: Midnight Meat Train.

Lodger Casting Done

A whole lot of names have been dropped in relation to the latest remake of The Lodger, this time being produced for Sony’s new horror-themed line Stage 6 Films. Director David Ondaatje spoke with ION Cinema recently and let them know that the film has been cast from top to bottom.

Graves Set for Fringe

J.J. Abrams just can’t seem to stop making freaky TV shows, can he? The creator of “Lost” has another new project in the works called “Fringe”, and Sci Fi Wire reports today that “Journeyman” director Alex Graves has been tapped to direct the show’s pilot.

More Chain Casting, Smith Speaks!

Even more casting news came down the wire today via The Hollywood Reporter for the upcoming Deon Taylor horror flick Chain Lettter, which both confirms and expands upon the exclusive bit of news we had yesterday (“More Plot, Casting for Chain Letter!” – November 2007)

Exorcise the Studio Demon!

I'll keep this short. Horror writers are gathering tomorrow to help rid Hollywood of at least some of the evil that plagues it. Videos and pictures should be available soon after the event, but for now we only have these ghoulish details of the exorcism.