New Line Plans New Escape

New Line Cinema will be the driving force behind the planned remake of John Carpenter’s 1981 classic Escape From New York, having won the bidding war that was going on among multiple studios that want

Exclusive Look at Gudino's Demonology!

Ever since I got the chance to see former Rue Morgue Editor in Chief Rodrigo Gudino's debut short film, "The Eyes of Edward James" (review), I’ve been very anxious to find out what else he’s got up hi

See Mutant Birth

Imagine this scenario: You’re invited to a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sit down and have breakfast with Wes & Jonathan Craven in celebration of The Hills Have Eyes 2, which the duo wrote. Fox Atomic

Slasher Online

We last told you about a new horror flick coming our way from the depths of Germany called Slasher right here. Within said story were some exclusive, not work safe pics from the film that got my curio

Believers Site Lives

Just a few days after our man Andrew turned in the first review of Blair Witch co-director Dan Myrick’s Raw Feed entry, Believers (read the review here), Fangoria got word that the film’s official sit

Dead Silence Gets Revenge

If there’s one definite benefit of running a horror site for as long as we have, it’s the free stuff the studios like to send to promote their latest horror offerings. Lionsgate is infamous for the am

Dusty Extinction Teaser

Hey there, just thought I’d give you the heads-up that we added the very cool teaser for Resident Evil: Extinction to our Broadband section. And yes, I did just say it was cool because, well, it reall

Dorks Live Again

Thank God, someone is finally getting around to remaking Night of the Living Dorks (DVD review), the classic German zomcom that came out on DVD ... oh, about a month ago, give or take. Why did we have

Domestic Captivity

After Dark Films and Lionsgate finally released the first domestic poster for the upcoming Elisha Cuthbert thriller Captivity which anyone who attended last November’s After Dark Horrorfest will proba

Macht Joins Whiteout

Word came down this morning from the virtual pages of Variety that Gabriel Macht (The Good Shepherd) has signed on to spend the next few months in the cold with Kate Beckinsale, choosing to join up as her co-star in the first new Dark Castle Entertainment movie, Whiteout.

Talisman the Series?

Some more very cool Talisman news has come down the wire today courtesy of Steven Spielberg’s official site by way of Lilja’s Library. During an advertising presentation at the Museum of Modern Ar

New Xombie Episode Online!

If you’re not one much for "reading", perhaps you didn’t take the advice I gave in my review of Xombie: Dead on Arrival and go out and buy the book. That, or you’re illiterate in which case what the h

A Very Hostel Clip

Along with the new stills that we told you about here, the Hostel Part II PR machine just informed us about the international worldwide debut of the first clip from the film. I just checked it out an

Fear Fest Swag Update!

Fear Fest is happening next week so it's time to show off all the goods Dread Central will be bringing to the show. Some of it will be free straight away, and some of it will be on hand for you to wi

Poster Unearthed!

Been waiting for an update on Matt Leutwyler’s follow-up to Dead and Breakfast, the monster opus Unearthed? Wait no longer! The boys at Bloody Disgusting got the first look at the film’s poster today,