Urban Horror in Shady Talez

Oh, man, two words always put fear into my heart, and not in a good way: Urban Horror. So very rarely does it work out in the favor of us horror fans; seriously when was the last time you saw a truly good movie labeled “urban horror”? I’m gonna go back to Bones (pictured), and even that’s stretching it a bit.

Toy Fair 08: Jun Planning!

I’ve honestly never heard of Jun Planning, they may not even be from the U.S. for all I know, but they’re making some damn good-looking Gremlins figures and that’s reason enough to pay attention.

Toy Fair 08: Gentle Giant Studios!

Gentle Giant Studios has been floating around out with the other toy companies for a while now, slowly building a reputation as one of the best when it comes to their design and photo-realistic quality sculpts. So how cool is it that they’re finally getting into horror?

Buy a Cottage in April

Paul Andrew Williams' The Cottage looks like a lot of fun (check out the trailer below to see what I mean). For a while we weren't sure when, if ever, it would hit the States, but things are looking good.

Happening Online

Not a whole helluva lot to report, but the official site for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening is now online. Nothing is there save a link to the trailer and the option to sign up for updates, but it’s a start. Check out the official Happening site right here! The first R-rated flick from the one-note director hits theaters on June 13th.

Check out a Killer Movie

Here’s a movie that look like it might have some promise; Killer Movie from writer/director Jeff Fisher. I’ve seen various things about it randomly for a few weeks now, but today reader “Hunter” sent us a link to a red band trailer that convinced me it was worth pointing out.

Toy Fair 08: NECA's Gears of War!

NECA’s always been about the players, you know? No, not the playas, rather the players; video game players that is.

Toy Fair 08: Mezco's Cinema of Fear!

All right, so NECA’s stuff is pretty cool, but I can’t help but geek out a bit for Mezco’s Cinema of Fear series. Looks like they’ll be back in force in 2008, as Action Figure just posted the first pics from the upcoming lineup.

Toy Fair 08: NECA's Cult Classics!

The U.S. Toy Fair is in high gear today, while everyone else is taking the day off to celebrate presidents, or whatever we’re supposed to do on President’s Day.

DVD Releases: Nightmare Spiral

Don't worry, folks, some good stuff is on its way come Tuesday, February 19th, 2008...

Argento, Friday Box Sets?

Over the past few days we’ve received a couple of rumors of upcoming DVD box sets that I just want to throw against the wall and see what sticks, since it’s going to be a slow news day thanks to the “holiday”.

Carter Smith and the Troll

Carter Smith is getting ready to see if the fans of Scott Smith’s novel The Ruins (review) will be happy with his filmed adaptation of it, which I’m sure is making him sweat just a bit. Those fans tend to be quite rabid.

Lionsgate to Release Decent Titles?

Those digital mavens over at DVD Active just got the first look at a quintet of upcoming Lionsgate horror titles, a few of which actually sound promising!

New Bad Biology Art

Frank Henelotter’s return to horror, Bad Biology, had it’s debut at the European Film Market last week and now, according to the film’s MySpace page, there are ”several interesting deals on the table,” I can't wait to see who gets their hands on this one!

First Look at The Box

I’m not sure where it came from, but the boys over at Twitch Film managed to snag the first picture from the new Richard (Donnie Darko, Southland Tales) film, The Box, as well as the official plot synopsis.