Stairs and Shocker Remade?

Finally, Wes Craven admits that not only does Shocker need to be remade, it needs to be remade as soon as humanly possible. Well, all right maybe he’s not that adamant about it, but he did reveal

Pulling Captivity Billboards

Man, After Dark seems to be having all sorts of stuff going on both good and bad. Yesterday it was good; today, coupled with the news of them dropping The Tripper, it seems to be bad. The Hollywoo

Tripper Needs You!

Mr. Courtney Cox, aka David Arquette, just posted a new blog over on the Tripper MySpace board with what has to be construed as a classic call for help. Actually, no, that’s exactly what it is.

First 28 Weeks Poster!

Fox Atomic just sent us over the first official poster for 28 Weeks Later, which you may recall is in theaters everywhere this May 11th. The film takes place 6 months after the events of 28 Days Later

After Dark Reminder, Trailer

And speaking of After Dark Films and their Horrorfest offerings (which we just did right here), just wanted to both remind you that the DVDs are all out next Tuesday, March 27th (read our DVD review o

Captivity Pics!

The folks at After Dark Films just threw a pile of pics from their May 18th release of Captivity a film that really looks like it should’ve been part of the next Horrofest if you ask me. In it Elisha

Yakkel Burns the Man

A press release sent out this weekend made a pretty cool announcement for one of the producers of Jamie Farr’s Xombie, Lawreen Yakkel, though sadly it has nothing to do with a feature-length Xombie en

Amityville Director Stuart Rosenberg Dead at 79

According to the Associated Press, the man who gave us one of the most ludicrously bad, yet infinitely charming haunted house flicks of our lifetime, Stuart Rosenberg, has died of a heart attack at

DVD Release List: Re-Animated Pieces

mCheck out what you'll be purchasing come March 20th, 2007... First Born (2007) Directed by Isaac Webb Oh, Elizabeth Shue, what happened to you? How did you end up in a direct-to-DVD thriller?

Meat Train's Location Correction

I just wanted to clear up something that started going around the Net last week about the setting for Midnight Meat Train, a film that is so New York City at its core that it hurts, changing its setti

Filming Legend

Curious to know everything there is to know about the new Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend but don’t want to go searching all over the Net for the info? You’re a lazy one, aren’t ya? Luckily for you

Duo Join Whiteout

In other casting news, seems more and more people are jumping at the chance to be near Kate Beckinsale in her new Antarctica-set thriller, Whiteout, based on the comic series of the same name by Greg

Lowndes Up for Autopsy

One more thesp has joined the ranks of Adam Gierasch’s directorial debut, Autopsy, according to the pages of Variety. The trades reports that Jessica Lowndes (Tobe Hooper’s season one Masters of H

Last Horror Pulled From UK

Now this is scary, real-life scary and worrisome in regard to how future films like this might be treated. A rep from Jinga Films, the production/distro house run by Julian Richards, just sent out

New Stendhal Disc Due!

I’ve not had a chance to listen to it yet, but a reader by the name of Joe just dropped us a line with a heads up about the latest interview over on Dead Pit Radio, the second half of a chat with lege