My Bloody Valentine Redux Goes 3D

New Chemical Wedding Art!

The folks over at the IMP Awards got their virtual hands on the UK quad for Chemical Wedding, the upcoming directorial debut from long time Month Python editor Julian Doyle.

New Pics From Kelly's The Box

Just the other day we threw the first picture of the titular device from Richard Kelly’s The Box at ya. Today USA Today, of all places, got their hands on 7 exclusive stills from the film, one of which you can see below. I have to say, I had no idea that Kelly had set his story in the 1970’s, but damn I love the look of it. Click here or on the photo below to see the rest!

Fear Fest 2 Full Schedule Live!

We here at Dread Central and the fine fiends over at Pit of Horror do our best to make sure everything works out perfectly for our upcoming Fear Fest 2, but like conventions of every kind, changes are bound to occur. First let's start off with the bad news.

The Undertakers Need Zombies

Isn't it the dream of many horror fans to be a zombie in a movie? I'm not talking about one of those generic background deaders; I mean one right in the front where everyone can see ya. Well, for just $10 you could have that chance!

Lonely Joe Teases

Way back in November we knew that Michael Coonce's horror pic Lonely Joe had finished production, but then all went quiet (“Filming Wraps on Lonely Joe” – November 2007). Then at last week's Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, those in attendance to the show were treated to a new teaser trailer for the film.

Gierasch to Remake Night of the Demons

How strange that the day I start really looking into info on Kevin (Night of the Demons) Tenney’s latest film, Braindead (more on that later) STYD gets an update on the Night of the Demons remake? Very strange, indeed.

First Jeepers Creepers 3 Details

Though we last heard about another Jeepers Creepers movie a few months ago (“Jeepers 3 Confirmed” – November 2007), all has been quiet about it thanks to the Writer’s Strike. Now that it’s behind us, details are emerging on Jeepers Creepers 3 in a big way.

Lynch Ready to Cross The Bridge?

With Animals on the way already (the trailer's in Video Dread), we could only hope for some more Skipp & Spector adaptations to be in the works as well. But could we be lucky enough to get one that the one and only Joe Lynch would direct?

Saturn Awards Nominees Announced

Good news for anyone suffering from awards show deprivation now that the Oscars are over: The nominees for the 34th Annual Saturn Awards have been announced, and it's quite a race!

First Look at Doomsday Infected!

Neil Marshall’s final pre-release Doomsday blog just appeared over on his MySpace page, featuring a ton of new pics from the film including the one you see on your right. That’s his wife, Axelle, in one of her two roles in Doomsday.

Exclusive: Bowen Talks House of the Devil!

Towards the end of our most recent Dinner for Fiends (hear it here), I managed to squeeze some info out of our guest star, A.J. Bowen (pictured, sans beard, from his latest film Maidenhead), about his upcoming role in Ti West’s House of the Devil, a movie he seems very happy to be doing.

Duo Join Stepfather Redux

Two more have joined the cast of Maverick Films’ redux of the 1987 horror/thriller The Stepfather according to sources over at The Hollywood Reporter this morning.

First Look Nabs Transsiberian

We’ve been hoping for some good news on the Transsiberian front since the new film from Session 9 director Brad Anderson started making its festival rounds, and finally Variety delivered this morning.

Exclusive: Michael Bailey Smith in Blood Shot!

No, it's not Max Schreck on steroids. Dread Central has scored the first pics of genre fav Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes) decked out as the gun-toting, ass-kicking nosferatu in Blood Shot - a horror/action/comedy currently filming in Los Angeles.