Behind the Mask This June

Though Anchor Bay did nothing with the theatrical release of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (review), dumping it in theaters with nary a TV or radio spot (that I ever heard at least), thei

Myers Kicking Ass

So how much of a badass will the new Michael Myers be? According to this new shot of him, he likes to choke girls, and there’s really nothing more badass than that, right? Wait. That sounded wrong

Another Damn Species Movie

Holy shit, why is someone still handing out cash to make Species sequels yet Don Coscarelli can’t find enough to roll on Bubba Nosferatu without selling some limbs? This is a sick world we live in, fr

Nessie Getting Nasty?

Bigfoot's been going on quite the cinematic killing spree of late, but what about the Loch Ness Monster? I don't think Nessie's killed anyone on film since 1981's Loch Ness Horror. And don't bring up

A Message from Chas.

Yesterday when the news broke that horror icon Chas. Balun is battling cancer, horror fans world wide started sending him some good vibes through e-mail, etc., and those very vibes have hit their intended mark. I heard from Chas. today, and he asked me to pass along a message to you all ...

Final Hell Holes Online!

If you’re smart and/or just have good taste, you’ve been following the ongoing series called “Hell Holes” over at Atom Films. If you haven’t, it’s no fault of ours cause we told you about every damn e

Grindhouse Trailers Interviews!

So Grindhouse (review) is out tomorrow. Wow, seems pretty amazing that it’s so damn close, don’t you think? Anyway, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is the trailers between the films done

Synopsis & First Pic from Midnight Meat Train!

Today we were sent over the full synopsis and first pic from the set of on my most anticipated movies of this or any year, Midnight Meat Train. For those of you who have forgotten it’s based on an older Clive Barker story of the same name featured in his Books of Blood collection, and marks the U.S.

White & Wright Write Them

Well if this isn’t a match made in heaven, I don’t know what it. Though it’s hard to think about or want Edgar Wright to work with pretty much anyone without a British accent, if I had a gun to my

Exclusive: Coscarelli Talks New Phantasm!

We just put up our first-ever interview with Don Coscarelli (hear it here), in which Uncle Creepy picks Don's brain on the history of Phantasm and why it’s so great that Anchor Bay loves to treat fans

A Gorey New Film

If you’ve been waiting for something other than the opening credits for "Mystery" (before your time?) to come to the big screen from the brain of famed author/illustrator Edward Gorey (The Gashlycumb

Horror Guru Chas. Balun Battling Cancer

Sometimes reporting the news can be heart wrenching. Right on the heels of the tragic death of Bob Clark comes the news that Chas. Balun is now in a fight for his life. The following was posted at Rue Morgue by their editor Jovanka:

NOTLD 3D Coming At Ya!

Just when you thought the crypt had gone quiet, the ever-so controversial Night of the Living Dead 3D (review here) is back banging on our doors. Midnight Movies Entertainment, the theatrical dis

More Wittenberg Cast Announced

EOD Films’ upcoming psychological horror production, Wittenberg (which we first reported on here), starring and directed by genre legend Sid Haig, has added two new cast members to its stellar lineup.

Bob Clark Dies in Tragic Accident

The LA Times reported the extremely sad news that the great director and producer Bob Clark was killed earlier today along with his son, Ariel, on the Pacific Coast Highway. "The crash was report