New Line's Rite to Exorcism

Now this is a cool idea; document a young priest as he follows in the footsteps of Father Merrin before him and learns the ancient rites of exorcism, as laid down by the Cahtolic law. All right, fine, I doubt a fictional priest played by Max von Sydow was actually any inspiration for the priest at the heart of The Rite: The Making of a Modern Day Exorcist, but that doesn’t make the idea any less cool.

Mischa Up for Homecoming

They should just call this one The Kryten Syxx Story as the plot is so familiar to our reporter, I’m sure he’s going to pursue some kind of rights issues.

My Name is Poster

The jury is still out on when we'll see The Chin's latest project My Name is Bruce hitting theatres or stores (“Bruce Talks Home Invasion” – November 2007), but it is always a good sign when the PR starts rolling heavy down the road.

Halloween at Buzznet

So in an interesting decision to promote this week’s release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween on DVD, the media site Buzznet got the new Michael Myers, Tyler Mane, to reprise his role as the maniacal killer only this time instead of looking for a relative to murder, he’s just trying to fit into the rat race. Losing the mask might help.

Televising Cloverfield

Oh YouTube ... is there nothing we cannot find there? Wonderful videos of kittens to obese girls attempting to be hot deck the halls of that wonderful site. OK, a lot of those videos suck, but today we haven one that doesn't. The video quality may be crap, but it since when can you ever have enough Cloverfield? Check out the new TV spot below.

Fear Fest 2 Radio Spots!

In case you couldn’t tell by the huge banner on our front page, we’re pretty damn excited about this year’s Fear Fest lineup: Neil Marshall, Robert Englund, Tom Holland, Michale Graves … yeah, it’s going to be an epic year that is sure to top last year’s event and then some.

Give Some Hell This Holiday

Too many people just want to give gifts to their semi-acquaintances and tolerated ones that are all nicey-nice and safe. Well not us! We like to give the gift of HELL(boy)!

Karaoke Terror Comes Home!

Though most of you’ve probably never even heard of it, those who have will be happy to know that Karaoke Terror (review) has finally got a DVD release date via Synapse Films according to KFC Cinema; April 29th, 2008!

Ruins Setting Changed for the Best

Those of you who are huge fans of Scott Smith’s novel The Ruins (review) may have some issues to take with Carter Smith’s (no relation) adaptation of the book to film form.

The Antichrist to Rise?

Who really created the Earth? Some say God, others blame our existance on science. Personally, I think it all falls on the shoulders of the red bastard, Satan. Obviously Dogville director Lars von Trier feels the same way.

Plenty of Calls Missed

If One Missed Call's official site hasn't reeled you in then maybe a plethora of new and old stills will. Don't worry, some of these new images are far more exciting than the previous few we saw not long ago ("One Missed Call & Four Pics" – December 2007). Check 'em out below and see the pic in theatres on January 4th.

The Images are Red

Lucky McKee & Trygve Allister Diesen's adaptaion of Jack Ketchum's Red looks to be coming together nicely. There's no trailer to speak of, but plenty of stills just surfaced.

DVD Releases: Hatchet Vs. Halloween!

Check out what’s hitting shelves just in time for Christmas on Tuesday, December 18th, 2007...

New Resident Evil Trailer

All right, why have I not heard of this before? Someone on this staff is going to be getting a beating. I’m looking at you, plagiarize!

Jennifer's Body Examined

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the idea behind Jennifer’s Body, the latest film to be scooped up by Fox Atomic for production (“More Jennifer’s Body Info!” – November 2007).