Halloween Questions Answered

By now, though we’ve tried to give you as much information as we could about Rob Zombie’s Halloween, you’ve probably still got a lot of questions about it. That’s fine, curiosity is the sign of

God of Vampires in LA!

It’s been a while since we heard from the guys behind the indie horror/action hybrid God of Vampires (review), mainly because they all have regular jobs, but they’ve also been hard at work getti

Fraser Official for Mummy 3

Not that it’s ever been in much question, but a little official information never hurts. Variety announced this morning that Brendan Fraser has just signed the deal to return to his role as Rick O’Connell in the upcoming Rob Cohen-helmed Mummy 3. A bit suprising is the word that Rachel Weisz, who played his wife Evelyn, will not be coming back on board. But then, she has other work lined up...

Death Note Prequel Helmer Revealed!

We're still anxiously awaiting news regarding a U.S. release of Shusuke Kaneko's two amazing Death Note (review) films, which pumped some much needed life back into the J-horror scene last year.

Split Grindhouse? Joe Lynch Retorts!

Ed note: You may not know the name Joe Lynch yet, but something tells me when Wrong Turn 2 comes out later this year you'll be wishing you did. Joe's been a friend of the site for a while now and has some very strong opinions about the Weinsteins' recent comments about possibly splitting up the Grindhouse movies in an attempt to recuoup their costs. We just had to get the man's voice out there cause damnit, he's right! Enjoy!

First Membership Drive Winner!

A while back we kicked off our Membership Drive with a simple premise: Sign up for our forums and win free shit! We're proud to announce our first winner: Congratulations to new forum me

Bog Body Pics Surface

You might remember a story Foywonder did a few months back about the new film from The Riddle director Brendan Foley, a movie called Bog Body (if not, read the story here). The film stayed o

Got Any Shrooms?

We just got word via Twitch Film that a trailer for Paddy Breathnach’s Shrooms has finally made its way online, so of course we had to snap it up for our Broadband section. We’re kinda like pira

Tripper Madness Begins!

We’ve been working directly with David Arquette and company to help spread the word on his debut horror film, The Tripper, which opens in scattered cities across the country on April 20th. This

Rodriguez Finds an Open Grave

Many moons ago (here to be specific) we first told you about a rather interesting sounding film being developed by Nala Films called Open Grave. All’s been quiet since then so we figured deals w

Saw IV Casting

Having just finally seen Saw III for the first time the other day (what can I say? I was busy...), I’m now on the boat full of curious people as to just how they’re going to continue the franchi

Set Visit Preview, First Pics From Cabin Fever 2!

Five years ago Eli Roth made his way onto our scene with his debut feature, Cabin Fever, a movie more or less universally loved by DC staff. Of course, Eli went on to make the phenomenon that is

Back to Haunted Hill

We’ve known for a while about the DTV sequel to Bill Malone’s House on Haunted Hill, craftily titled Return to House on Haunted Hill, since it was first announced a while back. Little’s been sai

Dinner for Fiends: Grindhouse

All right, so Grindhouse (review) didn’t do nearly the kind of business The Weinstein Co. nor we, the fans, were hoping for opening weekend. There are many theories as to why, but the simple fac

Full Length Don't?

As you’ll hear in the latest Dinner for Fiends, the trailer for Edgar Wright’s Don’t that played between Planet Terror and Death Proof was definitely my favorite faux coming attraction of the bu