Cage Set for Knowing

How does the director of one of the best, most underrated sci fi movies in the last decade end up working with Nic Cage? Alex Proyas must have pissed off some Aztec deity or something, because Cage is now set to star in his next film, Knowing, according to Daily Variety.

Trick 'R Treat in October? Maybe.

Hey! Remember that flick by Michael Dougherty that we were so excited about this year ("Exclusive: Trick 'r Treat Set Visit!" - April 2007)? Remember when it was supposed to come out this past Halloween, but went missing?

Poughkeepsie & Pathology Swap

Our buddy Joey M. pointed us in the direction of Box Office Mojo where a few updates and changes have occurred.

Eerie Horror Film Festival Call for Entries!

We're all guilty of it: saying we could do better than other filmmakers out there. Talk is cheap, however. Do you really want to show the world that you have what it takes to be a great filmmaker? Then you've got an opportunity thanks to the Eerie Horor Film Festival!

Fires Burn Fangoria

Even though it is that special time of the year for happiness, brotherhood and giving ... horrible things still happen out of the blue.

Five Strokes to Horror!

Just got a heads up from horror/fantasy author and friend of the site Christopher Golden about a new collection he’s featured in, and it really seems like something you literate horror fans should check out. The illiterate ones never even got to read this, so feel pity for 'em.

Two New Whiteout Pics

Is Whiteout going to be a horror movie? Well, there is a serial killer and desolate environment, both of which sound pretty horrifying to me, so...

100 Feet Villian Revealed

The folks over at Arrow in the Head just got the first look at the villainous Mike Watson (Michael Pare), the main bad guy from Eric Red’s upcoming return to horror, 100 Feet. Click on the teaser you see on your right for the whole thing.

Exclusive: Waxwork: The Musical?

It took me well over a month to track down Waxwork/Full Eclipse director Anthony Hickox, which I have to say when I set out to find him to discuss his latest horror movie, Knife Edge, I hadn’t anticipated being such a difficult task.

Graves & Hodder Join Fear Fest!

Welcome to December and the latest updates from Fear Fest, going down March 7th-9th, 2008!

DVD Releases: Vampires, Zombies, Oh My!

Check it out; this Tuesday, December 11th you shall be able to feast your eyes on the following horror DVDs...

Burton to Resurrect Frankenweenie

Snakes in Taradise

Got an e-mail the other night forwarded to me from another staff member alerting us to the existence of a new killer snake movie called Vipers starring professional party whore and part-time actress Tara Reid. The overly excited e-mail described the film as following, "People are calling it Snakes on a Plane meets Deep Blue Sea - without Sam Jackson".

Orphan Chosen

The Hollywood Reporter have learned that Isabelle Fuhrman will make her acting debut as the titular character in The Orphan, the new film from Dark Castle being helmed by House of Wax remake director Jaume Collet-Serra.

Yen Preps for Painted Skin

Whoa. Not sure how we missed this one folks, let me be the first to apologize. Donnie Yen (pictured) and Zhou Xun are set to star in Painted Skin, a supernatural thriller being lensed in China that's been in the works since at least July.