DVD Release List: Cannibals & Corpses

A whole bunch of weird stuff is coming to DVD on April 24th, 2007... The Black Cat (1981) Directed by Lucio Fulci Blue Underground continues their recent trend of re-releasing Anchor Bay titles

Shankin' a Big Snake

Some movie news sites get major scoops regarding anticipated upcoming big screen releases. Me, I get inside scoops on upcoming Sci-Fi Channel original movies... A story I did for Dread Centra

Maverick Red Digs on Digger

A while back we first told you guys about a film called Slaughter, the first movie to be produced as a result of the Slamdance horror screenplay competition (read about it here). Understanding t

Statham Looking to Death Race

I’m not sure why anyone in their right mind would get excited about the remake of Death Race 2000, now called Death Race 3000, considering it’s got one and only hack master Paul W.S. Anderson on

First Look at AVP 2

Anytime I think of the original Alien vs Predator (DVD review), I'm filled with deep homicidal rage. They say time heals all wounds, but Paul Anderson's rape of not one, but two legacies left so

Shiban on Rest Stop 2

Remember the first direct-to-DVD horror from Warner Bros. experimental Raw Feed banner, Rest Stop (review)? Warner Bros. certainly does because according to them it’s sold more than any other DV

*UPDATED!* The Bay Becomes Starz

**UPDATE! -- We just got word from one of our Anchor Bay contacts that, when it comes to kickass horror, the Anchor Bay name will still be in place. So the Anchor Bay Collection is still good to

Silent Hill, Outlander Updates

Producer Don Carmody (Silent Hill) has been spending a lot of time talking to Shock Till You Drop recently, handing out updates on his various projects like they were candy.

Ghost House Goes to Hell

It’s a small bit of news, but the title and promise from the mouth of Sam Raimi are enough to make it update-worthy. Horror Movies.ca got a chance to chat up Spider-Man moviemaker Sam Raimi recently, who dropped a bit of info on a new Ghost House movie that’s in pre-production called Drag Me to Hell.

Huge Synapse Update!

Some cheesy/good news has come forth from the hallowed halls of Synapse, the company that gave Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare (DVD review) way more love than it deserved. Now Black Roses on the othe

Jones Talks Meat, Hell

Our man on the scene, Sean Clark, got a chance to visit the set of Midnight Meat Train a few days back (lucky sonofabitch) and told us that it kicked a lot of ass. Of course you’re going to have to wait to read more about it as they’re being tight-lipped on the details for now, but at least you have something to look forward to, right?

Exclusive: Director Talks The Mad, New Pics!

It seems you can’t step into you local video store these days without tripping over a new indie zombie film. Part of the reason there’s been such an influx in the last few years is that they’re

Friday Night Frights: Special Events!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to the local horror scene I'm inclined to agree! Dread Central, along with Pit of Horror and Friday Night Frights in conjunction wit

New Last House Director Courted

Though we have our own wish list of who should direct the long-discussed remake of Last House on the Left (there are some directors out there with a real vision for a new version), Wes Craven is circling one man in particular to get behind the remake.

Horror Gets Inked

It’s about damn time someone made a horror film about tattoo artists. Those guys are just weird. I kid, of course. Sporting my own half-sleeve, I can say with some authority that tattoo arti