Finally, a Title for Cloverfield...

As if you needed another reason to go see the Robert Zemeckis CG Beowulf, right? The film opens in theaters on November 16th, and Coming Soon discovered that a new trailer for the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie, up till now known as Cloverfield by most, will premiere in front of Beowulf, at which time its title will finally be revealed.

Ghost House Gets Tattooist

A bit of time has gone by since we heard from the New Zealand film The Tattooist ("Tons of Tattooist Goodies!" – May 2007), but things seem to be going well for the project, which stars Dragon Wars lead Jason Behr, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Scott Free Tells of Heart

A cross between Jacob’s Ladder and Marathon Man, eh? Not what I would expect from a modern-day retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, but that’s how Scott Free is selling it.

Diary of the Dead Sequel Confirmed

Now this is what I call a Halloween treat! Details have emerged about George Romero’s planned sequel to Diary of the Dead (review) which we first mentioned a few days back ("Romero’s Multiple Diaries" – October 2007).

Butler Out of New York, Too

When it was announced, informally, that Brett Ratner wouldn’t be helming the Escape From New York remake ("Ranter Won’t Escape New York" – October 2007), I was all smiles from ear to ear.

Manhunt 2 Out Now!

So maybe the delay in getting Manhunt 2 out to the masses wasn’t such a bad thing after all? I mean, they got to have it in stores a full two days before Halloween, which isn’t the most undesirable release date. It’s just too bad that the version we did finally get has been censored.

AVP: Requiem Clip Online

We may never get to see Paul W.S. Anderson's blood, so it looks like the gore in Aliens vs Predator: Requiem will have to suffice.

Black Devil Doll & More Join Fear Fest!

Dread Central & Pit of Horror are proud to announce even more guests, bands and events for next year's Fear Fest 2! Look at all we've added! Chris Sarandon (Fright Night, Nightmare Before Christmas, Child's Play) Renny Harlin (NOES 4, Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) Kim Myers (NOES 2)

New Bryan Loves You Teaser!

Today we received word that yet more information has leaked around the top secret movie, Bryan Loves You, the story of death and murder at the hands of a fanatical cut.

Frontière(s) Returns

Last week we noticed that Xavier Gens' Frontière(s) went missing from After Dark Horror Fest's final roster of films that will start playing nationwide on November 9th. It was a pretty sad turn of events simply because the movie was about Neo-Nazis and extreme gore.

Tobin Bell in for Bump

Robert Kurtzman’s Precinct 13 just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Today it was announced that the former Fangoria Comics title Bump is making its way to the big screen and a star has been cast!

Screen Grab Figs in Evilshop!

Only a week open and already we’re expanding! Yesterday we added some new product to EVILSHOP, our newly launched horror store that you will not stop hearing about; namely the badass "Screen Grabs" dioramas from Mezco’s Cinema of Fear line!

Sideshow Gets Shaun!

Sideshow’s just showing all new ways they can kick ass all of a sudden, and we say more power to ‘em!

The Greatest Story Ever Toasted?

To say that the promo artwork that Charles Band has just unveiled for Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (actual title, folks!) could be described as a case of bad taste would be both a bad pun and yet highly accurate. Good luck getting a DVD with that box art onto Blockbuster's shelves. If I may quote Homer Simpson: "Mmm ... Sacrilicious!"

Tripper Videos Gallore!

You want some Tripper? We got some Tripper for you right here! Actually, it’s all below, so get looking now and go buy The Tripper on DVD!