Cloverfield DVD Date, Art, Specs!

Love it or hate it; curse its name until you’re blue in the face or sing its praises from the mountaintop, Cloverfield (review) ain’t done with us just yet; we still have to talk about the DVD until you’re sick of hearing about it!

DVD Releases: To Die For

Death will find you relaxing in front of the TV if you're not careful come Tuesday, March 18th, 2008...

Saw V, Tell-Tale & More Casting News

There’s really nothing I find more annoying than trying to make a full news story out of a casting announcement, especially if it’s for just one person. So, being somewhat lazy this morning, I thought I’d put ‘em all into one story for ya.

Uni Develops R.I.P.D.

Over the weekend it was announced that Dark Horse Comics, the indie label responsible for everything from Hellboy to The Mask, has signed an exclusive three-year production and distribution deal. One of the first titles being worked on is R.I.P.D., the comic created by Peter Lenkov, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Shutter Roundtable: Rachael Taylor & Joshua Jackson

The next Asian remake to hit the States this week will be Shutter, a film that examines the phenomenon of spirit photography with some potentially frightening results.

Exclusive: New Beyond the Rave Trailer!

Check it out, ladies and gents: Dread Central has the exclusive first look at the new trailer for the first Hammer film in over two decades, Beyond the Rave!

Red Band Pathology

Blood, bad words and boobs. That’s what we have to look forward to in the red band Pathology trailer. What more do you need to know? Check it out below and thanks to DC reader Hunter Lurie for giving us the heads up!

The Coming Monsterpocalypse

I must confess that my role-playing game phase was rather short-lived and I haven't played one in many a year. I loathed the whole collectible card gaming thing and am almost complete oblivious to current trend in CMGs, collectible miniatures games. However, a new CMG called Monsterpocalypse coming from CMG specialists Privateer Press later this year might make me change my mind and break out my old eight-sided dice.

Take a Joy Ride 2 MySpace

Joy Ride 2 sounds like a guilty pleasure type flick to me. Two couples on their way to Vegas, Rusty Nail back bigger and badder than ever, sinister cat and mouse games. Where do I sign up?

The Promise of Albino Farm

Been a while since we’ve heard anything about Albino Farm, the Missouri-set kids vs. backwoods mutants film we last discussed back here. While personally and professionally I’m sick of movies about backwoods mutations already, something about this entry into the sub-genre appeals to me.

2007 Rondo Hatton Award Winners Announced

Every genre deserves to be appreciated, and horror's no different. For the past six years, fans have nominated and voted on their favorites in various categories that represent the best of classic horror. That's right, the fans. There are no corporate sponsors, no money machines, no huge studios hyping the event, just fans naming what they liked and how much they liked it. With categories such as "Best Toy" and "Best Fan Event," the awards aim to honor those who deserve it the most for delivering to the horror fans.

Will You be Dead By Dawn?

We can never have enough horror films set around Halloween. The holiday is filled with all the perfect fodder: creepy atmosphere, creepy kids, the creepy guy who always sprinkled a few pubes on the candy apples he handed out ... ah, the memories.

New Alone in the Dark Trailer!

What's going on beneath Central Park? How did Edward Carnby end up in modern times? Why can't every game keep improving this much each time we see it? Will it ever come out?

Doomsday is Here! Check Out our Exclusive Interviews!

We've all been counting down. We knew this day would come. Doomsday (review here) is finally here, and to celebrate (and who wouldn't celebrate the apocalypse?), we've got a battery of interviews for you!

CW Goes Horror

No script. Contestants “killed” until the last man is standing. All we need is Richard Dawson to host, and our Running Man future will be here.