DVD Releases: I Know Who Walks the Skin

A small but eclectic list of DVD releases for your post-Turkey pleasure this Tuesday, November 27th...

More Plot, Cast for Chain Letter!

A few weeks back we first told you about Chain Letter, a new horror film coming from the sickos at Twisted Pictures that will star Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes) as a very vicious serial killer.

Hardy's Cowboys Gets a Start Date

After many delays, numerous title changes and years of head-scratching trying to figure out just what Wicker Man director Robin Hardy was doing, his next film is finally going to get in front of cameras this March according to IGN.

U.S. Release for Cold Prey

It’s been just over a year since the Norwegian horror film Cold Prey was first mentioned on Dread Central (“Dread Central at AFM!” – November 2006), and it’s just now getting around to being released here in the sates.

Just Call it LXAVHRCUZFE for Short

"The touching story of drunken superheroes battling a seemingly unbeatable zombie menace", that's how filmmaker Jeffrey Ebright describes his upcoming flick The League of Extraordinary Alcoholics VS. The Horde of Really Creepy Undead Zombie Flesh Eaters. Yes, that is the actual title.

Saw IV DVD Date

Lionsgate has announced the DVD date for Saw IV, after very little waiting on our part; January 22nd, 2008.

New Gutterballs Homage Poster

I can’t say how good Ryan Nicholson’s follow-up to Live Feed, the horror/comedy Gutterballs, is going to be yet since we haven’t seen much from it, but their hearts are sure in the right place.

REC Clips Make You Scream

There are a short list of international horror films out there that we’re really anxious to see here at Dread and [REC] (review) is definitely near the top of that list.

UPDATE: Massive Genre Cast for Black Friday

Since it’s Black Friday, I guess this is an appropriate time to discuss Black Friday the movie, eh? A horror movie by horror fans for horror fans; we’ve all heard that one before, but how often does it actually feel that way when we sit down to see the final product?

Buckley Goes Solo on Town Creek

While it’s not something I’m able to follow or appreciate as much as others, I still understand the importance of music in film, especially horror movies. That’s why, to me, who is chosen to compose a film’s score is a good indication of what we can look forward to from the movie itself.

More Sasquatchploitation Stomps Forward!

It was bound to happen sooner or later: Sasquatch vs. Yeti. I don't believe the humongous hairy hominid of forest and swamplands and his frosty Himalayan cousin have ever actually met on film - until now. As evidenced by the film's title, I'm guessing they're not on speaking terms.

Happy Thanksgiving from Dread Central!

Just wanted to give you all the best wishes for a great Thanksgiving from all of us here at Dread Central! Eat a lot, take a nap, wake up and eat some more; rinse, lather, repeat!

Shark Swarm Poster, Full Synopsis!

You may not remember the project known as Shark Swarm, but that’s more our fault than yours since we haven’t mentioned it in a while ("Hallmark Gets Shark a Swarm!" – July 2007). We’ll make it up to you guys now though, I promise!

U.S. Mother of Tears Trailer!

I know you’ve been waiting for it; we have, too. Now the wait is over! Fangoria just posted their exclusive first look at the U.S. trailer for Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears, the last in his “Three Mothers” trilogy!

A Real Nailbiter Coming in 2008!

For those of us who've been wondering what interesting indie horror projects we can look forward to in the coming year, the news broke today about one such film that, based on the parties involved, is high on my anticipation list.