NyMpha and The Nuns

What are the odds you will be in Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy on May 30th? If you are that fortunate, then be sure to catch the Salento Fear Fest if you'd like to see the premiere of Ivan Zuccon'

First Look at Mother of Tears

We’re still waiting to find out when we’ll finally get to see Dario Argento’s final installment in his Mothers trilogy, The Mother of Tears, but at least we have a creepy image of the titular ch

Behind the Mask Art

Though Anchor Bay more or less screwed Leslie Vernon and his maniacal urges to be the next great slasher during its theatrical run, hopefully they will be making up for it when the DVD of Behind

Nu Image Plans New Terror Train

I have to say of all the remakes being bandied about in Hollywood at the present time, this one is least offensive to my personal tastes. Of course that could have something to do with the fact

Shark Attack, German Style

I've been asking for awhile now "Where have all the shark flicks gone?" It was only a few short years ago that you couldn't walk into a video store or flip on a cable channel without stumbling a

Grindhouse Split Tested

I hope you all got out last weekend to see Grindhouse again (or for the first time) because it looks like it may not be in theaters much longer. JoBlo got word from some readers across the c

Questioning a Zombie

Wondering just how tall Michael Myers is? Maybe you can’t stop wondering what his astrological sign reveals about him? Perhaps you’re wondering where he gets those fantastic jumpers? Don’t ex

How to Make Horror

Tribeca Horror Screenings

When we think of the Tribeca Film Festival, we think of Robert De Niro, foreign films and press people running around like maniacs. This year, as night falls on New York and all the fakey freaks

Isaac Off to the Pig Farm

Though I’ve heard from some that Skinwalkers isn’t fit to smell the droppings of the Kessler Wolf, I still can’t help but look forward to it for two reasons: One, it’s a werewolf movie; and two,

Father Van Damme

The power of Jean-Claude compels you! The power of Jean-Claude compels you! Moviehole learned that Sheldon Lettich, screenwriter of Rambo III and director of The Order, talked to the folks at

Hopkins Plays Wolfman Daddy?

This came up yesterday, but for some reason I skipped right over it when I found it. Strange since The Wolfman remake is one of my most anticipated movies of next year.

Exclusive Tripper Clip!

Check it out, folks! Those stoners behind The Tripper just exhaled an exclusive clip from the flick into our lap, just for Dread Central readers! In it, you’ll get to see Paul ("Pee-Wee Herman")

Someone Please Entomb Lomel!

I would like to begin this write-up by re-posting the first paragraph from a story I wrote this past Friday about the July 3rd DVD release of uber hack Ulli Lommel's forthcoming Mummy Maniac (re

Exclusive: Trick 'r Treat Set Visit!

The first time I ever visited Vancouver was to visit the set of Wrong Turn 2. It was warm, the city was great and we could spend as much time outside as we wanted.