Lynch Ready to Cross The Bridge?

With Animals on the way already (the trailer's in Video Dread), we could only hope for some more Skipp & Spector adaptations to be in the works as well. But could we be lucky enough to get one that the one and only Joe Lynch would direct?

Saturn Awards Nominees Announced

Good news for anyone suffering from awards show deprivation now that the Oscars are over: The nominees for the 34th Annual Saturn Awards have been announced, and it's quite a race!

First Look at Doomsday Infected!

Neil Marshall’s final pre-release Doomsday blog just appeared over on his MySpace page, featuring a ton of new pics from the film including the one you see on your right. That’s his wife, Axelle, in one of her two roles in Doomsday.

Exclusive: Bowen Talks House of the Devil!

Towards the end of our most recent Dinner for Fiends (hear it here), I managed to squeeze some info out of our guest star, A.J. Bowen (pictured, sans beard, from his latest film Maidenhead), about his upcoming role in Ti West’s House of the Devil, a movie he seems very happy to be doing.

Duo Join Stepfather Redux

Two more have joined the cast of Maverick Films’ redux of the 1987 horror/thriller The Stepfather according to sources over at The Hollywood Reporter this morning.

First Look Nabs Transsiberian

We’ve been hoping for some good news on the Transsiberian front since the new film from Session 9 director Brad Anderson started making its festival rounds, and finally Variety delivered this morning.

Exclusive: Michael Bailey Smith in Blood Shot!

No, it's not Max Schreck on steroids. Dread Central has scored the first pics of genre fav Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes) decked out as the gun-toting, ass-kicking nosferatu in Blood Shot - a horror/action/comedy currently filming in Los Angeles.

Fival Has a Picklock

This evening we learned that filmmaker David C. King's project Picklock has been released via the web. Fival Scorn Shank Productions is hosting the entire thirteen minute short film that can be streamed by all visitors or you can just check it out below. But, what is Picklock?

Dinner for Fiends Gets Signalized!

Another Dinner for Fiends in the can and I gotta tell you ahead of time, folks; since we’re discussing The Signal (review) it’s only fitting we all get a bit crazy at the end. It doesn’t help that Signal star A.J. Bowen (Lewis) joined us and only encouraged some of our worst tendencies.

Hot Toys Gets Alien License!

I'd wager that even in space you'd be able to hear us Alien fans screaming for action figures based off the film. Every once in a while we'll get a Kubrick or other assorted xenomorph reproductions, but what about the Nostromo crew? Where's Kane? Or Dallas?

Rue Morgue Goes to Mulberry Street

I love Mulberry Street. I’ve never tried to hide that love, especially when it was accepted as one of the films in last year’s Horrorfest and ended up being the highlight of the whole fest. So I’m terribly happy that Rue Morgue decided to put it on the cover of their latest issue!

New Doomsday Clip and Pics

March 14, 2008. Mark it on your calendar. That's the day Neil Marshall's Doomsday will be hitting theatres across the U.S. and by the looks of the clip we found over at Yahoo, it's gonna be a fun ride.

New Edges of Darkness Trailer

Jason Horton's zombie/vampire anthology has been one of the indie films I've been looking forward to for some time now. Recently we informed you that the picture is now ready to roll out to distributors (“Edges of Darkness Complete!” – February 2008) and now a new trailer has been created as well! Check it out below.

Trailer for Open Graves

I hate to say it, but I’ve never heard of Open Graves before today. No, not Open Grave, the Eduardo Sanchez movie we’re still waiting for an update on, but Open Graves, plural, which stars Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) and Eliza Dushku (Wrong Turn). The film marks the directorial debut of Álvaro de Armiñán, who served second AD duties on Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intacto.

Another Ruins Poster

Hey look! Another poster for Carter Smith’s The Ruins! This one comes from the good old boys at the IMP Awards and, as you can tell, it’s a slight variation on one of the previous posters (this time the girl is screaming). I gotta say I like this one best so far ... now we just have to hope the movie's good! The Ruins opens everywhere on April 4th!