Hello From Fear Fest!

Because I know you guys are dying without our regularly scheduled updates, just wanted to let you all know how the 2nd annual Fear Fest is going so far...

Pics From Parts Unknown

No we're not talking scenic postcards from the hometown of former WWF grapplers, The Moondogs. What we have here are the first shots from the upcoming indie effort From Parts Unknown served up nice and hot!

Suspiria Remake Confirmed!

With the third entry in Argento's Mother Trilogy, The Mother of Tears (review here), just around the corner for release stateside, yet another remake has been confirmed that is bound to ruffle the old peacock feathers.

Simmons Up For Body

How lucky can one guy get? It’s one thing to basically start your career off working next to Steve Carell (in Evan Almighty), but to go from him to Megan Fox? Johnny Simmons must have some powerful gods on his side.

Blu Underground

As I'm sure most people around here know, the format war to be the HD disc of choice was officially won by Blu-Ray last month, with main HD-DVD backer Toshiba dropping out and all the major studios supporting Blu-Ray.

Doomsday Invades Hollywood!

Our world is coming to an end. The signs are all there; gas prices are on the rise, Rosemary's Baby is being remade and so on. Just how long will it take before we reach ... Doomsday? If you were in Hollywood this week then you probably saw it happening.

Lionsgate Gets The Chair

Brett Sullivan, whom we last saw directing Ginger Snaps II (review), is back at the helm of a new movie titled The Chair. Last year it was making the rounds at Montreal’s World Film Festival and Lionsgate must have liked it.

Open the Chain Letter Trailer

Do people still send out chain letters? I haven't gotten one in my e-mail inbox for years now, but I guess the new trend is to spam people on MySpace instead. Such is the case in Deon Taylor's horror flick Chain Letter, which is currently in production.

NBC's Fear Itself Airs in May

Only a few days have passed since our last big story on NBC's upcoming horror anthology Fear Itself ("Full Fear Itself Episode Lineup!" – March 2008), and the internet is abuzz about it again today. NBC will be premiering the show on May 29th at 10 P.M. Only two months to go!

Exclusive: Kill Theory Arrives in September

We got word from the Kill Theory crew that the film will be hitting us sometime in September. The finalized release date should be resolved this month, but what we know right now is that Lionsgate is planning on getting the flick into 2,800+ theatres and a trailer for it may be attached to The Ruins.

*UPDATE* Exclusive : First Look at Moseley in Alone in the Dark 2!

Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer’s upcoming sequel Alone in the Dark 2 is in the final stages of post-production, and today the duo sent us an exclusive pic from the film. On your right you can see your first look at Bill Moseley looking ... very concerned about something!

Language of Fear Goes Mass Market

If I were one to collect rare and hard-to-find books for a hobby, I can imagine I’d be pretty pissed off if a book I spent week or months and likely hundreds of dollars to get into my possession was suddenly just re-issued in an affordable, mass market format. Since I’m not a book collector, though, I’ve got nothing but good feelings for the recent announcement of the reissue of Del James’ The Language of Fear.

Dexter Gets Game, Toys

We've been hearing rumblings about this for a while now; ironic that the staff member who does the story about it is likely the only one who’s never seen an episode of “Dexter” ... Both a “Dexter” video game and line of toys are on their way in the coming months, proving just how well-received the crime thriller about a forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer has been.

Witch Mountain Adds Names

Looks like Disney’s remake of Escape to Witch Mountain has added to both its cast and its title this morning. The Hollywood Reporter got word that the film, originally called simply Witch Mountain, is now being referred to as Race to Witch Mountain.

Goyer's Thriller Gets Title, Cast

Finally the “Untitled David Goyer Supernatural Project” has found itself a title; Unborn. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the title, which has been floating around for a while, in a story about yet more cast being added to the thriller.