Clive Barker: The Drought Is Over

During Clive Barker's panel today at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors he made it clear that the drought is over. His absence from the horror genre is soon coming to an end with the revelation that Barker

Masters Season 3 Is Confirmed

The weekend has been semi-slow even with Cannes going on. Then out of of the blue a hail storm of horror news started. Not only were things going down at Cannes, but at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors t

Seed Sprouts A New Poster

Uwe Boll has a lot of stuff sitting in the pipe line right now. Some may say he needs to be stopped, but I think we need to stand behind him. Boll may make very bad films, however, look at the other o

Exclusive: Last House On Dead End Street 2

We just got exclusive word from Toe Tag Production's Fred Vogel that The Last House On Dead End Street (AKA The Fun House) is not being remade, in fact it is being given a sequel! The original film

Lordi, Lordi! The Movie?!

We last told you about Lordi's movie project here. Things have been moving pretty well since then for the band. Variety is reporting that Lordi started shooting their film, Dark Floors, this month and the entire project will be ready for Christmas!

Reddick Makes The Cut

The only way to grow in this world is to take on new challenges. The horror genre is no different as we've seen today. FX guys are becoming directors and even script writers are jumping in to say, "cu

Eva Hits A Curve

What has Eva Mendes been up to since Ghost Rider (review)? I am sure that is the question on the minds of all horror fans out there. She brought so much talent to GR that it would seem a waste for her

Hostel Gets Bugged

I remember watching the first Hostel film thinking, "How much of this can American audiences take?!" Obviously we want more torture porn and I am all for it mainly due to the entertainment value of ba

Massacre at Mile Zero

More news from Cannes keeps rolling in and you've got Dread Central to keep you informed on all the bloody happenings. Variety just added a story letting us know that Phoenix Pictures will team up

UPDATE: New Halloween Pics

Three months remain till Michael Myers slays again and it just so happens that means three new pictures have been added to Rob Zombie's Official Halloween MySpace page. What do you think? The

New Trailer For Black Water

Living in Florida all my life, I know the dangers that lurk in the swamp. More often than not those dangers are in the form of drunk rednecks who run over manatees for fun. I, being a big fellow, am o

Who Killed Lohan's Pics?

Lohan may be in hot water right now over some tabloid stories, but that doesn't seem to be stopping the chick's career. If we brush away all the junk news about drugs we have actually been able to fin

Legion Recruits The Orphanage

The Orphanage FX studio has quite a number of big name films under its belt: Superman Returns and the latest Pirates sequel to name a few. They were also responsible for the stunning creature (picture

The Alphabet Killer's Big Trailer

Eliza Dushku and Cary Elwes have returned to the horror genre in a rather interesting true crime story, The Alphabet Killer (previous news here). The film is based on the murder/rape of three young girls Rochester, NJ during the 1970s.

Dinner for Fiends: Dessert

Why did we call this Dinner “Dessert”? Because it’s the last time we’re going to be doing a podcast with this format in place. You spoke, we listened, and the format is a changin’! This time out Jo