Repo! The Musical Trailer!

I'll make this quick... The lucky freaks over at AITH scored the trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman's musical horror flick Repo! The Genetic Opera! There's music, babes and blood! And at the very end there is a date of 4/25/08. Is this the final release date?!

Red Band Ruins

When we think of the term "Red Band Trailer", doesn't that usually conjure up images of violence, boobs, and/or swearing? The best way to sell a horror film to the horror crowd is to show them that the flick isn't going to dick around, but what do I know...

Padalecki Cast in Friday Remake

The first bit of casting news has broken for the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th and thus far things aren't looking too bad. Cross your fingers and take a deep breath.

Train's Uncensored Trailer Chugs In

What is it with all these remakes of films that once starred Jamie Lee Curtis? On that note, what's with all these trailers today? Good god.

Exclusive: Hickox's Sundown Hits DVD This Halloween!

Though we don’t have any solid details on it yet, a very reliable source just let us know that Lionsgate has plans to release Anthony (Waxwork, Hellraiser III) Hickox’s “lost” film, Sundown, on DVD this Halloween!

Come Dance for Clive Barker

This is a bit of a strange news piece, but it does involve Mr. Clive Barker and a chance to be directed by him so...

Prom Night TV Spot Reveals Much

Thanks to Joey M. we've been directed to the second TV spot for the PG-13 Prom Night remake. In this clip we get to see how the killer escapes from his cell, his motives, and a victim or two. At least this clip does a better job of selling the film than the one we saw yesterday that involved scary lamps (“MySpace's Prom Night Clip” – March 2008)... Prom Night will be scaring the under 18 crowd on April 11th.

The Happening Is International

I've never been much of a fan of Mr. Shyamalan, but there's something about this new flick of his that is getting me hooked. Or it could just be the curiosity to see if he fits in some sort of twist...

Monahan Set to Thrill Us

What do a drug dealer, a serial killer, and Playboy magazine have in common? Oscar-winning screenwriter William (The Departed) Monahan, that's what!

Crushed and Ruined in Erie

Ever since I saw BugCrush (review), I knew that the film’s director Carter Smith was going to go on to do something special for horror fans. It was a beautiful, measured film that was hard to dismiss. The general public will get an opportunity to see Smith’s first big feature film, The Ruins, when it hits theaters on April 3rd.

Six Minutes of April Fool's Day!

Each April Fool’s Day, fabulously wealthy young Desiree Cartier (Taylor Cole) hosts the most killer coming-out parties at her to-die-for Southern mansion. And this social event is never complete without one of her patented pranks. But when this year’s joke turns deadly, Desiree, her brother Blaine (Josh Henderson) and five of their friends all become the targets of a twisted killer who begins hunting them down one by one in this chilling tale of seduction, betrayal and revenge.

MySpace's Prom Night Clip

Prom Night will be out on April 11th, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that most of the movie will be spoiled by then. The trailer and official site already tell us who the baddie is (“Prom Night Site Lives” – March 2008), so what's really left to surprise us?

Gudino's Case Tells Story With Single Image

You’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, no? Well, filmmaker and former Rue Morgue editor-in-chief Rodrigo Gudino has taken that phrase to the next level with his latest short film “The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow”.

See the New and Improved Wolfman

Since the news first broke so many months ago that Benicio Del Toro would be playing everyone's favorite lycan, The Wolfman, the biggest question has been what he'll look like. Of course we all have faith in Rick Baker, but nowadays you just can't be too sure of anything.

Rhona Mitra Joins the Underworld

All of you who bitched that Rhona Mitra’s turn in Doomsday was too similar to Kate Beckinsale’s role in the Underworld movies must’ve been predicting the future, as Sci Fi Pi discovered that Mitra is co-starring in Patrick Tatopolous’ Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans.