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Wanna see something cool? Something we’ve been waiting for Condit, the man who makes the magic happen, to finish since the re-design in October? This is for all you guys who don’t have any kind of MP3 listening device but still want to experience Dinner for Fiends, Dreadtime Stories, or any of our audio interviews with horror celebrities.

DVD Releases: Dragons & Sequels

A nice diversity of titles coming your way this Tuesday, January 8th, 2008...

Cloverfield Monster Takes Down an Oil Rig

Wanna see what the Cloverfield monster did before it hit the shores of NYC? Sure you do! This kinda makes makes me wonder if this was reported to the U.S. at all and if so, if it was seen by the partygoers who are getting down when the Big Apple is attacked; you’d think it’d be cause for some concern, no?

Gilliam Talks Good Omens!

There are some books out there that I don’t feel should ever be attempted to be adapted for films; The Dark Tower series is one I’ve always been afraid of being tainted. But then there are the books that simply beg to be translated to the big screen, and the Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett masterpiece Good Omens is one of them.

Release Date, Art for Horrorfest Titles!

I know you’ve all been waiting with breathless anticipation to find out when Lake Dead would be hitting DVD so you can share its greatness with your friends and family. Finally you can breathe!

Left for Dead for DVD

Yes, this is a direct-to-DVD movie from Lionsgate. Yes, it’s directed by Albert Pyun, helmer of the Nemesis series, Captain America and Alien from L.A., but Left for Dead sounds like it could be something worth checking out. Seriously.

'Zine Review: HorrorHound #9!

Issue #9 Jan/Feb 2008 Why we don’t have more reviews for HorrorHound magazine is beyond me (“'Zine Review: Horror Hound #4” – October 2006). The publication has to be one of the best horror genre ones on the market right now. Recently I picked up other competing mags and they just feel a little dated. When it comes to HorrorHound, I feel that there’s something new and fresh … not to mention you aren’t bombarded with more ads than articles.

Glow in the Dark Halloween

Here at Dread Central we truly are looking forward to Halloween: Nightdance, the upcoming new comic from Devil’s Due Publishing written by Stefan Hutchinson and Tim Seeley. The publishers are pretty happy with it, it seems, going so far as to create a gimmicky cover!

Grief & Gutterballs for Insomnifest

The world's first online only horror filmfest, Insomnifest, officially kicks off next month and only six more of twelve titles remain to be revealed. This week alone has seen the unveiling of four of the fest's films thanks to the press release we got in today (“Two More for Insomnifest” – January 2008).

Another New Nightmare?

Well, this is surely a good sign that someone at New Line is paying attention to how horror is doing at the box office. Since before the phenomenal success of the incredibly bad Halloween remake, they’ve been working on a new Friday the 13th (“New Friday in ‘09”? – July 2007), as you know. But what about that other New Line franchise?

Doomsday Gets a Date!

Well, if the official Doomsday site is to be believed (and why would they have inaccurate information?) Neil (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) Marshall’s upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure, Doomsday, finally has a release date; March 14th, 2008. Holy shit! That’s just a week after Fear Fest where Marshall is scheduled to be a guest! Now you gotta go, suckas! Keep it here for more Doomsday goodies very soon!

Die and Let Live on DVD!

In the world of independent filmmaking there are those with talent and those without. There's really no in between judging by the number of movies I've been sent this year. Rarely do any of them just sit in the middle and such is the case with Die and Let Live (review).

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #75!

Issue #75 Jan/Feb 2008 For the first time in as long as I’ve been reading the magazine, Rue Morgue has a wide-release movie as its cover story after the film has already hit theaters. Something about that little fact disturbs me, though I can’t rightly say what...

Poughkeepsie Tapes on the Move

Could the sudden move for the release date of The Poughkeepsie Tapes actually be a good thing? A few days back it was revealed that the film had been removed from the dumping ground that is February to an undetermined future date. Heads were scratched.

Two More for Insomnifest

Slasherpool's Insomnifest (the world's first online only film festival) has been coming along rather nicely these past few weeks. Already several horror movies from around the globe are getting scooped up and even more are on their way.