Stock Up for Frontier(s)

The film that really should have been a part of last year's After Dark's 8 Films to Die For, Frontier(s), is still going to get its chance to shine here in the States with an uncut theatrical run on May 9th and landing on DVD May 13th.

Rogue One-Sheet and Theatre Listings

I may be in the minority here, but I found Michael Katleman's Primeval (review) to be a good time at the B-Movies. It wasn't perfect, but it had amazing visual effects for the crocodile and some moments of unintentional hilarity. Getting to watch it with the director added to the good times as well.

Pyun Ready to Film Again in Argentina

Legendary - and extremely eclectic - director Albert Pyun dropped us a line last night to let us know that on May 5th he'll start shooting Tales of an Ancient Empire, his long-awaited follow-up to the movie he's best known for: The Sword and the Sorcerer.

Quarantine Trailer Live!

Many of us have been wondering how Quarantine, the U.S. remake of REC (review), is going to compare to its original. We know a few things have changed in regard to the "infection", but what about how the movie is shot? Well, thanks to DC reader Germboy, we have some answers.

Official Red Mist Synopsis

Remember Paddy Breathnach’s Red Mist, his enigmatic follow up to Shrooms (DVD review)? It was announced in passing a few times, but to date nothing official has been given out as to what it’s actually about.

L to Open Undine

I know most of you reading this who want to see Hideo Nakata’s L: Change the World, the sequel to the Death Note movies, will want to kick me for this, but what can you do? It’s Asian, damnit; I can't help where it chooses to play next...

There's Plenty of Vacancy for a Prequel

During a quick visit over to the place where film conversations go to die (IMDB), I saw that last year's motel horror pic Vacancy (review) is receiving a second serving.

Mother of Tears in Theatres Soon!

Dario Argento's Mother of Tears (review) will be getting a limited theatrical release starting June 6th, 2008, but don't expect it to show up in every state!

Savini Crosses a Sea of Dust

Fangoria has in a bunch of stills from Scott Bunt's exploitation flick Sea of Blood, which stars special effects legend Tom Savini as Prester John, an evil man who wishes to create a new religion based on the suffering of other people. A familiar face for Hammer Horror fans is also in the cast, the beautiful Ingrid Pitt!

Last Winter Disc Art

How very sad … the DVD art for both versions of Larry Fessenden’s excellent eco-horror flick The Last Winter (review) showed up over on the film’s official site today and they are ... not very good.

Video Dread Exclusive: Red Velvet Writer!

I know you’ve not heard a lot about Red Velvet (review), the new horror movie starring Henry Thomas (E.T., Dead Birds), but we aim to change that cause damnit, it’s a very solid genre flick that deserves more attention.

Flanery Gets Bumped, Too!

And the Bump madness rolls on ... When The Scream Factory announced their formation last week and to expect some great casting news this week, I really didn’t think it’d be every single day!

Tribeca Horrors 2008: Killer Movie

Just like our extensive and exhausting (on our side, at least) coverage from last year (read it all right here), we’re compiling as much info as we can for the horror offerings at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, going down in NYC this April 23rd – May 4th!

Toolbox Murders 2 Moves Forward

Here’s a project I never expected to hear about again: Toolbox Murders 2, the sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 2003 remake of the 1978 original. Fangoria got to chatting with long-time second unit director and FX vet Dean Jones recently, who revealed that he’ll be helming Toolbox 2, possibly as early as May.

Hack/Slash Gets a Writer

Finally, some Hack/Slash movement we can report on! I’m sick that it’s been so many years for this project to get moving, but I guess it’s a case of all good things coming to those who wait.