Video Dread Exclusive: Uncut Blood River Trailer!

Ain’t love a bitch? That’s pretty much the message I get from the trailer for Adam (Broken, The Devil’s Chair) Mason’s next headfuck horror outing, Blood River. But then, I’m kinda strange; your interpretation will likely vary.

New Trailer, DVD Date for Shrooms

So far the opinions on Shrooms, the new horror film coming our way from Ireland via Magnet Releasing, has been pretty mixed. I’ve heard everything from venomous, bitter hatred to high praise. When a film gets that kind of varied reaction, you know you have to check it out.

Hell Ride Poster!

Sundance kicked into gear as of yesterday in Park City, UT, and all those LA people now have to deal with what we East Coasters face as a fact of life: snow. All I can say to that is HA!

Ghost Whisperer Season II Webisodes Begin

Now in its 3rd season, "The Ghost Whisperer" series has done quite well for itself bringing out the dead on Friday nights on CBS.

Carpenter Casting L.A. Gothic

The writers may still be on strike, but other projects that were put into motion before the movement can still be made. That's good news for us John Carpenter fans since we've been waiting several months to hear more about his horror flick L.A. Gothic (“Carpenter Goes Gothic?” – July 2007).

Cloverfield 2?

Cloverfield (review) has yet to even open nationwide, but the seeds may already be planted for a sequel. While nothing is solid and it may have only been a passing comment, director Matt Reeves did hint that in the digital world we live in today many movies could have been made the night N.Y.

Dark Floors Site Live

I really can’t wait to see if the upcoming horror movie staring Finish monsters Lordi, Dark Floors, is worth all the attention we’ve been piling on it so far. I mean, it’s nowhere near a U.S. release date and we’re talking about it at least once a week. I guess I’m just a sucker for monsters.

Gellar Still Crazy for Alice

Time to squash all those rumors about Sarah Michelle Gellar vacating the long-gestating adaptation of American McGee’s Alice. And who better to do the squashing than Gellar herself?

Argento Goes Giallo

Though I’ve still not heard a lot of good about Dario Argento’s latest film, the much anticipated finale to his Mothers trilogy, The Mother of Tears, and I really hated the last few movies he’s done outside of Masters of Horror, I’m always willing to give that crazy Italian another chance.

Olyphant to Getaway

Whether or not this will snugly fit within the confines of our genre is up in the air, but A Perfect Getaway, as described by the trades this morning, sure sounds like it’ll appeal to horror fans.

Fall for Mandy Lane in March?

Our buddy Joey M. pointed us in the direction of a new Film Jerk article where All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and many other films' release dates were rumored.

New Living Dead Dolls Coming!

Everyone's favorite little corpses are back with a vengeance as Mezco's Living Dead Dolls are ready for their fifteenth series!

30 Days of Killer Plastic

Hitting the 2007 San Diego Comic Con is always a psychotic ride for any reporter. For someone covering horror toys for Dread Central, to borrow a line from Slither, it’s like finding a needle in a fuck-stack!

CSI Goes to Hell

For those horror loving freaks we love so much who don't usually hunker down for a night of normal prime time TV, here is your heads up. This Thursday, January 17th at 9pm et/pt on CBS (check local listings for exactly where to park your eyeballs, CSI features a rebroadcast of "Go To Hell", an episode where the usual trail of carnage may point to demonic intervention!

Missing Campers in Ohio

Just got an e-mail today regarding the disappearance of several people who went missing about a year ago while camping in the middle of the Bible Woods, in Ohio. Never let it be said that we here at Dread Central do not have a heart. At this time we'd like to take this opportunity to bring some awareness and maybe even help to this horrid situation.