Surveillance Trailer!

Though it’s only got a German release to date, Jennifer Lynch’s follow-up to Boxing Helena (15 years later), Surveillance, finally has a trailer online, and the boys at AITH got a look at it today. Lynch, daughter of David, directed the film about an FBI agent who is hunting a serial killer with the help of three potential victims, all of whom have wildly different stories to tell.

C.H.U.D. Remake Writer Clarifies Rumors

I purposely avoided doing any story on this new C.H.U.D. remake rumor that showed up yesterday because A) it was April Fool’s Day and B) we’ve been burned by C.H.U.D. stuff before. This morning, though, B-D has a chat up with the writers of the upcoming remake, Ian Malone and Andrew Goring, so we're going forward assuming it's all legit.

Composer Returns for Descent 2

In case anyone was wondering about the progress of The Descent 2, today a pretty clear indication that things are moving forward came to us via Upcoming Film Scores.

Benderspink Adapts Last Blood

Though I’m no fan of vampires, I have to say the basic concept of Last Blood is pretty cool. The indie comic is now in the hands of Benderspink, who will be adapting it for the big screen in the coming months according to Variety this morning.

New Frontiers Site, Poster!

It’s been a while since we heard much from the After Dark camp regarding Frontier(s), the film that was originally going to be one of the 8 Films to Die For until they couldn’t bring in an R rating. Luckily, their silence was due to hard work on their side building promo materials for the film!

Stop in for a Pint at the Winchester Pub!

Been a long day? On the outs with your honey during the zombie apocalypse? Got some red on you? Time to knock back a few cold ones! Drown your sorrows in style by heading over to our EVILSHOP and getting yourself a 16 oz. glass from everyone's favorite zombie shelter, the Winchester Pub!

Coffin Joe TV!

Could it be true? You bet your ass it is, and what do you care that it’s all in Spanish? The show will tentatively kick off on April 25th, and the producers have promised they’ll get the shows on YouTube as early as possible after their airdate. Check out two promos for it below!

Exclusive: DVD Specs for Diary & Night!

Yesterday we got the word on Diary and Night of the Living Dead DVD dates. This morning we pointed you to the first look at the art. Now Dread Central can exclusively tell you what will be on both discs!

Finally, a Date for McLean's Rogue

Well it’s about damn time. Fangoria got word today that the Weinsteins have finally set a release date for Greg McLean’s killer croc opus, Rogue, but you won’t be happy with its theater count…

Diary & New Night Art!

Following up on the news we shared with you yesterday, those undead freaks over at Zombie Friends got the first look at both the Diary of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead: 40th Anniversary Edition this morning. No, it’s not a joke; the NotLD cover really is that dull.

Gears of War is Go!

Are we going to have another Doom on our hands with the Gears of War movie? I kinda hope so, just with a tiny bit more intelligence. Sorry, I thought Doom was fun, sue me.

Senator Picks Up Splice

The North American distribution rights for Vincenzo Natali’s Splice have been scooped up by Senator International, who will also release the film in Germany and Spain according to this morning’s Variety.

New Pics from Feast 2!

The first Feast (review) was a good time at the movies, if you were lucky enough to catch its limited screening. It was a perfect mixture of comedy, ultra violence and total tastelessness. We need more of that.

FEARnet Fears Itself!

I have absolutely no idea why I even pay for cable since I never have time to watch it, but this writer may have to make an exception when NBC airs the reincarnation of Masters of Horror known as "Fear Itself" this summer ... or maybe not.

*UPDATE* Signal, Diary, and Two Eyes on DVD

UPDATE: Ah! I was off. The two-disc set isn't going to use some sort of ocular play on words to help push the DVD. Fangoria just put up the artwork for the upcoming release (seen to the right) and the new art for The Eye 3.