Producer Talks Haunting

Just the other day we gave you the first news on a new ghost movie in the works called A Haunting in Connecticut (read the story here). The tale revolves around the supposedly true story of a family forced to move into a small house near their sickly child’s medical treatment facility who are tormented by spirits for their troubles.

Avatar's Zombie Summer Madness

I've been out of comic book collecting for a while now. After suffering through Marvel's Age of Apocalypse and the untimely end to The Maxx it was just time to call it quits. Now, several years later,

New French Martyrs

Good news, gorehounds; the French are just as fucked up as we are! Some would actually argue moreso, but in terms of the kind of cinema they enjoy, they’re looking more and more to what we’re getti

Art Directing Aliens

The most terrifying thing about Alien Vs. Predator 2: Survival of the Fittest, to me, is not that it’s even being made in the first place (the directing team behind it might pull something good out of

Death Becomes Shia

I remember first doing a news story on the possibility of Neil Gaiman’s Death character coming to the big screen back in the days when I ran the first horror site I ever worked, so don’t for any reaso

Event Report: Fangoria Weekend of Horrors: Burbank 2007

Before I begin coverage, I'd just like to take a moment to extend a big get well soon to Ryan Rotten of ShockTillYouDrop.com. He fell ill the weekend of the show and was not able to make it. We misse

Babysitter Twin Devours Evil?

Good news for you fans of the Crazy Babysitter Twins from both Grindhouse movies; one of the duo, Elektra Avellan (she’s the one on the right), has been cast alongside Scout Taylor-Compton (Laurie in

Argento Does Festival of Fear!

These days, with everyone and their brother putting on horror conventions, it’s pretty hard to book someone that’ll impress us jaded horror fans. We tried with Fear Fest by booking Tobe Hopper, but sa

DVD Release List: Cthulhu Rising

The following horrors shall release themselves upon your unsuspecting community this May 29th, 2007... Call of Cthulhu (2005) Directed by Andrew H. Leman This highly-praised, ingeniously execut

Last Winter Trailer!

The horror mavens over at Glass Eye Pix just posted the first trailer for Larry (Wendigo, Habit) Fessenden’s latest feature, The Last Winter. The film stars Ron Perlman and James LeGros (Zodiac) as em

Tons of Tattooist Goodies!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing Black Sheep (review) yet, be patient; your wait is more than worth it as this is a damn fun movie.

New Images From Transsiberian!

Filmax may not have had much of a presence at this year’s Cannes, at least not that we’ve heard about, but they were there promoting the new thriller from Machinist and Session 9 director Brad Anderso

See Ya Later, Supergator

Roger Corman originally intended to produce a sequel to his Sci-Fi Channel original Dinocroc until the higher-ups at Sci-Fi told him that they don't like sequels because sequels don't generate good en

I Know Who Killed Me Trailer!

Lindsay Lohan has the kind of knowledge we’d all love to come across; she knows who killed her. Odd, then, since she doesn’t seem to be dead… Check out the trailer for Chris Siverston’s follow-up to T