Subspecies Helmer's New Mask

Is this something we should really be discussing? I mean, did anyone out there have an unabashed love for the Subspecies series? ...I just got 20 angry e-mails about people’s love for it, so we sh

New Mutant Chronicles Poster

I’m still not entirely sure if it’s horror enough for these pages, but then that’s never really stopped us from reporting on cool shit before, has it? Nope. The boys at the IMP Awards just got a l

Severance Opening Online

Magnolia Pictures just sent out word that the first three minutes of Severance (review), the new horror/comedy from Creep director Christopher Smith, are now online and ready to be watched.

New Captivity Date

Did we just completely miss this or what? For those who may have been living under the same rock we apparently were, After Dark Films recently announced that Captivity, the film that’s been

Siverston's Packed Future

Seems that directing his first decent-budgeted film is doing well for The Lost (review) helmer Chris Siverston.

Perfect Creature Art

Just a quick follow-up to the DVD announcement we did here about Perfect Creature, the vampire movie I was just lamenting had no release date anywhere a few days ago. DVD Active got thei

First Pic From 100 Feet!

Well, somehow filmmaker Eric Red found a way to make Famke Janssen look slightly less hot than she normally does. I don’t know if that’s an accomplishment or something he should be punished for… Sa

Small Town Trailer!

So the boys at Twitch Film really doesn’t give a shit about those of you with “slow” Internet connections. Or maybe they do and just don’t know how to show it? There’s got to be a good reason the trai

Saw IV, Repo Updates

Shooting is going well over on the set of Saw IV, or so director Darren Lynn Bousman reports in his latest Fearnet blog entry. Everyone’s covered in blood, morale is high, and the cast and crew are having a great time.

Shrooms Poster Trips

The folks over at the IMP Awards got the first look at the creative poster for Shrooms, the Irish horror flick about a bunch of fun-seeking kids searching for a good batch of magic mushrooms who find

Madsen Haunts Connecticut

Damn Connecticut. As if their super-rich residents and high-priced foofoo salons weren’t enough, now they have to have dark histories and supernatural events. Aren’t they ever satisfied?

Dickerson on Un-Dead

Well, it’s official; Ernest Dickerson is on board to bring the first Stoker estate-approved Dracula sequel to cinemas. Variety confirmed the news that’s been floating out there for a while now thi

Blackburne to Big Screen

It happens all the time; someone with a vivid imagination sits down to pen a story they think is brilliant but completely from their own brain, only to find out that they’ve uncovered a supernatural t

More Halloween at Fango Weekend!

A few days ago we told you about Rob Zombie appearing at Fango this weekend here. As if that weren't big enough, turns out he'll be bringing along some of Haddonfield's own! According to The

First Look at Wrong Turn 2

Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store. You know how it is; something gets your attention, and you just want more and more of it. Rarely do sequels to our favorite films deliver the goo